The License Usage Insights service has long provided Citrix Service Providers a simple way to understand total monthly license usage across multiple deployments — and has now added a per customer breakdown and view!

Break down total license usage per-customer and per-deployment

Manage customers across shared XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure

Sharing license server infrastructure reduces cost for providers by decreasing the number of servers needed to operate multiple customer deployments. A single license server simplifies operations with less licenses that need to be downloaded, deployed and renewed.

When multiple XenApp & XenDesktop deployments share a single Citrix License Server, usage data (license checkouts) becomes centralized to a single server and license pool.  The same occurs for a single deployment shared across multiple customers or tenants.

This benefit presents a challenge for service providers who need to break down license usage for each of their customers or tenants.  License usage and reporting tools track and display a shared license pool as a single entity and “customer context” is missing.

Add customer context to your license usage data

New features in Citrix Cloud and the LUI service enable service providers to assign or “tag” users to a customer in Citrix Cloud.  By establishing a list of customers and their relationship to each user, a per customer breakdown can be achieved.

Here’s how it works:

1. Login to Citrix Cloud and visit the customer dashboard to establish a list of customers. It’s simple and fast, enter the customers you want to see in your breakdown of license usage.

The customer dashboard is available in Citrix Cloud for all Citrix Service Providers
Add customers to the dashboard

2. In the LUI service, visit the XenApp and XenDesktop Users tab to view a list users. Use the built-in filters and multi-select controls to identify and select a set of users from the same customer.

Use property and pattern filters to select users from the same customer

3. Assign the selected users to a customer.

Assign users to any customer on the dashboard

4. View the resulting per customer report by navigating to the Usage view.

Enable a per-customer breakdown of total usage by assigning users to customers

Understanding per-customer active use is strategic for your business

As a cloud solution or service provider, it’s critical to understand how customers are consuming and using the services they purchased.  The LUI service in Citrix Cloud offers a simple way to get started measuring and tracking app and desktop service use across your customer base.

Get started now creating and assigning customers in Citrix Cloud!