The game has changed and Citrix is loving it. We are embracing cloud and all it offers, we are stepping up to security challenges, enabling business agility, and we are positioning our customers to be the IT superheroes they are. Our teammates at Cisco are right there with us on this evolution and our partnership is stronger than ever.

Crazy as it may seem, I see parallels to some of these changes as I sit and watch my daughter play softball. Yes, as I sit outside in sunny California cheering for her, I actually see similarities between how her game has changed and how the world of IT has changed. You are probably thinking I must need a vacation if this is what I think about in my free time, but bear with me as I explain.

What has changed

In the game of softball, the major thing that has changed since the days when I was swinging a bat is that the pitch is now super-fast. Gone are the days of a rainbow arch slow pitch crossing the plate. Now, these girls wind up, stand tall and throw that ball with blistering speed. In fact, my daughter is a pitcher and I can no longer even catch for her because I fear she will seriously hurt me if I miss — and she is only 11! And this one major change has affected the entire game. The girls now need to wear helmets to protect themselves. The game is also much faster and more agile. They slide and steal bases and the game is so much more fun and exciting.

This brings us to IT. The one big thing that has changed for IT is cloud. And, changing this one thing has changed our game, right? Moving our applications and workloads into the cloud requires us to be more vigilant and protective. We need to secure those workloads to trust any use of cloud in our solutions. Using the cloud offers us much more flexibility and agility; we are able to accomplish tasks like configuring and deploying virtual apps and desktops — which used to take days, but can now can be done in just minutes. This makes us much more agile and responsive in meeting business demands. As a result, the IT game is faster, more secure, and more exciting.

How Citrix and Cisco Change the Game

Citrix and Cisco change the game by embracing cloud, co-developing secure and agile solutions, and providing our customers with best-in-class offers that promise to improve your game.

To learn more, hear from our team about our awesome solutions:

  • Cisco HyperFlex joins HCI Citrix Ready Program, which is the perfect example of how we leverage cloud to improve the customer experience:

  • Secure delivery of apps and desktops with hyperconvergence solution, Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix

  • Cisco app and desktop virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop and graphics acceleration

  • Cisco and Citrix just released a new private cloud solution that combines Cisco ACI, Citrix NetScaler, and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack to offer a flexible, easy-to-use, and tightly integrated offering. Learn more about this offer as well as our joint solutions for NetScaler and Cisco ACI, plus where we are headed next with Tetration Analytics and NetScaler MAS:

Of course, our customers always tell it best. Here is Bellevue Group explaining how our HyperFlex and Citrix solution improved their quality and speed.

Citrix at Cisco LIVE! US

We are looking forward to a fantastic week at Cisco Live, showcasing our Citrix and Cisco solutions. Stop by our booth #2329 to visit us to learn more, get your Citrix Superhero mini figurines, and enter to win a Flybrix Drone! Also, don’t miss our speaking sessions while you are there: 

  1. World of Solutions Theater booth #4223 presentation on Monday, June 26 @ 1:30pm (Session ID: SOLCLD-1003): “Enabling secure delivery of apps and desktops to accelerate digital business with Citrix and Cisco.”
    Superhero Speaker:  Orestes Melgarejo, Sr. Director App & Desktop Delivery, Citrix
  2. World of Solutions Cisco Campus Data Center Education Zone presentation on Tuesday, June 27 @ 2:40pm: Accelerate your workforce with Citrix and Cisco secure delivery of apps and desktops.”
    Superhero Speaker: Orestes Melgarejo, Sr. Director App & Desktop Delivery, Citrix
  3. World of Solutions Think Tank booth #1601 presentation on Wednesday, June 28 @ 3:30pm (Session ID: TNKACI-2002): “Delivering business agility through secure application delivery networking with Cisco and Citrix.”
    Superhero Speaker:  Dave Potter, Sr. Solutions Architect, Citrix

Cheers to a great Cisco Live. Hope to see many of you there!