Excited to know what’s new in Citrix Receiver for Chrome 2.4? With all the new announcements from Citrix Synergy, the time has come to unveil the new features in Citrix Receiver for Chrome 2.4. This new release has new and exhilarating features. Let’s learn about these features:

Multi-Monitor Support

Citrix now supports true Multi-Monitor in Citrix receiver for Chrome. Now you don’t need the Unified desktop mode to run the applications delivered by XenApp and XenDesktop in multi-monitor mode. This feature is now available for both desktop and application and also the monitors attached to the Chrome device can be of any resolution. This will enable you to multitask i.e. work with multiple applications and desktop sessions simultaneously, for example run MS Excel spreadsheets on each monitor and use them in parallel.

To configure Multi-Monitor with Citrix Receiver, refer the user guide here.

The video below shows the multi-monitor in action in our lab for both published applications and desktops:

HDX SDK for Chrome

This release introduces the new HDX SDK for Chrome as an experimental feature and it is targeted for enabling the tap and go proximity card use case for healthcare vertical. The API is targeted for partners to enable the Clinicians and Nurses for the quick access of the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) just with the tapping of the proximity card.

This SDK in Citrix Receiver for Chrome is generic and can enable the use cases in other verticals as well. It essentially allows third-party Chrome apps to use the below mentioned API in the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop session.

  1. Launch
  2. Show
  3. Hide
  4. Disconnect
  5. Launch the session in embedded mode.

Sessions launched in embedded mode is similar to session launch in KIOSK mode.

The apps can also receive event details related to connection, disconnect and errors about the receiver sessions.

For the latest HDX SDK APIs and examples, visit the download page here and for HDX SDK API documentation for Chrome, see Citrix Receiver for Chrome SDK here. 

  • Application and desktop icons visible separately in Chrome shelf (taskbar)

In previous releases the published application and desktop icons launched by Citrix Receiver would be grouped with Citrix Receiver for Chrome icon on the Google Chrome Shelf (taskbar). In this release, Citrix introduced a new experimental capability to display all published apps and desktops as a separate icon in the Google Chrome Shelf.

Note that this feature is disabled by default and it can be enabled by the Administrator using the Google Policy.

To know how to see the apps in the Chrome Shelf, refer the user documentation guide here.

Receiver for Chrome 2.4 Shelf feature.
Receiver for Chrome 2.4 Shelf feature.

Receiver for Chrome 2.4 is released to the Google Chrome Web Store and on the Citrix download page for admins to customize and deploy using Chrome device management.

Also don’t forget to update your Receiver for HTML5 on StoreFront to take advantage of the new graphics optimizations. Receiver for HTML5 2.4 is available here.

Looking forward to your feedback on this new release of Citrix Receiver for Chrome!