Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do, so to mark Cambridge Children’s Charity Week, the Citrix R&D team in Cambridge has really upped the fundraising stakes with the Ominous Office escape room. The concept? Lucinda, an artificial intelligence assistant, has gone rogue … and her creator April Anderson has gone missing.

a3_poster__1496513615_29868Those lucky enough to play the Ominous Office find themselves trapped in April’s office, trying to investigate what’s happened to her, as well as escape the office (and the virtual Lucinda) in one hour or less. Simple, right?

Paid sessions for teams of up to four people are taking place three times a day during the week of June 5th – and all of them are already sold out. This is a great example of #CitrixLife giving back to the community by supporting local causes. The particularly innovative concept not only offers an hour of challenging team-building fun for local Cambridge businesses (or die-hard escape room enthusiasts!), but it also provides a glimpse of a somewhat-chilling vision of the future.

The project is being led by Chris Gissing, a product development director at Citrix, with support from Jason Leonard, Pete Hibbert, Laura Vincent and a number of other team members at Citrix Cambridge. Most importantly, it isn’t “just” an escape room. The concept is particularly pertinent because it runs entirely on Citrix’ Octoblu IoT platform – with the help of 10 HDX Ready Pi devices. The puzzles are interconnected and sequenced/managed using our own technology, showcasing the potential of IoT in the workplace. And, whilst Lucinda may have gone off the rails slightly, the experience really allows you to get a feel for just how IoT will impact the future office (whatever the industry).

Citrix is proud to be supporting Cambridge Children’s Charity Week (CCCW) in a meaningful and innovative way; it is yet another example of our global corporate social responsibility initiatives. All funds raised from this event will be donated to CCCW – an annual fundraising week, which started in 2016. The goal of CCCW is to raise money to support some of the vital costs of the city’s many charities and voluntary groups that help local children and young people.

Finally, whilst these Cambridge sessions are now sold out, demand may see the Ominous Office “pop-up” at a Citrix office near you. So stay tuned…

If you were unable to book an Ominous Office session, but would still like to donate to Cambridge Children’s Charity Week, you can do so via this link.

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