GPUs have become synonymous with the CPU in modern day computing and the NVIDIA GRID is a key part of the infrastructure stack of many of Citrix XenDesktop environments. NVIDIA virtual GPUs help Citrix HDX3D Pro technology deliver resource intensive desktops and applications to users.

Citrix Director now helps admins to monitor real-time utilization of GPU resources by each machines delivered by XenApp and XenDesktop.

With this new feature we can now monitor real-time utilization with a chart that includes of four metrics over the last minute in the Machine Utilization Section on the Machine Details page of Director(We can open the machine details page by searching names of the machines).

With visibility into how a machine is using NVIDIA GPU, a helpdesk admin can make appropriate profile allocation decisions for the best user experience, as well as debug potential UX issues resulting from insufficient GPU resources.

  1. 3D engine: The specific machine’s usage of GPU 3D engine over the past minute.
  2. Memory: The specific machine’s usage of allocated framebuffer over the past minute.
  3. Encoder: The specific machine’s usage of the GPU encoder over the past minute.
  4. Decoder: The specific machine’s usage of the GPU decoder over the past minute.



Note: Monitoring is limited to NVIDIA TeslaM60, M10 with 64 bit machines

Machines needs to be actually using GPU (With respective GPU Drivers installed) to be able to see the GPU Option in Machine Details page

For GPU Monitoring Director, DDC and VDA should be 7.14 or Greater.

For earlier versions and for VDAs without GPU, the GPU Option will not be available in the machine utilization panel.

Summary: NVIDIA GRID Monitoring will help XenApp and XenDesktop  administrators to troubleshoot slowness or unresponsiveness.