Unleash your XenDesktop Graphics Workloads: Live migration with XenServer and NVIDIA vGPU

Citrix and NVIDIA have a long-standing partnership with graphics virtualisation and bringing industry firsts to market, starting with the vGPU tech preview in XenServer 6.2 SP1 back in 2013. This brought true hardware sharing of graphics to virtual machines for the first time, allowing you to split usage of graphics hardware in a similar way to your system’s CPU and memory.

Unlike your CPU and memory resources, however, virtual machines running with vGPUs have been shackled to the server which they started on. If you wanted to carry out maintenance on the physical machine, install the newest version of XenServer, or save power by consolidating running VMs onto fewer hosts in quieter periods, you would have no choice but to interrupt the user’s session and shut down their virtual machines.

But not anymore. In another industry first, Citrix and NVIDIA have developed a method to move your vGPU-enabled virtual machines to another host while they are still running, freeing you from worries about user impact and enabling you to manage your hosts more effectively.

Come watch a demonstration – and sign up for more!

Come and visit the NVIDIA and Citrix booths at Citrix Synergy in Orlando! Staff at Booth 302 (NVIDIA) and Demo Pod 7 at the Citrix booth will be happy to show you a demonstration.

Early Access: Sign Up!

Demos are great, but of course we want to get feedback on this feature too. Citrix and NVIDIA will be running an early access program in 2017 which could provide you with access to the technology and allow you to really get hands-on and show the value of live migrating vGPU-enabled VMs in your organisation.  Sign up to register interest and to keep up to date with the progress.

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