Want to maintain and grow your Citrix Provisioning Services estate reliably — but also want free time to do the cool IoT stuff or even just hang out with family and friends?

While scripting is unlikely to bring about world peace, it can help solve a lot of problems to make day-to-day tasks reliable and consistent. In this Synergy Session, we’ll look at automation techniques for rollout, updates, and migration. Building on practical examples from field implementations, we’ll cover differences in SDK versions that PVS brings to the scripting table and look at some practical examples for PVS scripting that we’ve encountered in the field.

Pester Testing

One of the scripting items we’ll look at and demonstrate is how to Pester PVS. Pester is a test framework for PowerShell. It provides a language that allows you to define test cases, and the Invoke-Pester cmdlet to execute these tests and report the results. We’ll talk through how existing publically available scripts can be used to apply testing and validation using the Pester framework to ensure you’ve a consistent environment – either in a single sites or across multiple pods.

If you’re lucky, we might even talk about DSC a little bit!

Synergize Scripting

Citrix Synergy is a great event for sharing ideas, understanding new concepts, and getting great insight. In this session, we’ll not only share with you some useful scripts, tips and insights, but we’ll give you insight into how you can share, develop, and contribute to scripts in the Citrix community.

We’ve got our examples, for sure, but if you have a burning question or an idea you’d like help with, get in touch via www.mycugc.org or on Twitter @gilwood_cs.

So, join me and fellow Citrix Technology Professional Jim Moyle for Citrix Synergy 2017 for SYN306 – Solving PVS Challenges with Simple Shell Scripts — Wednesday, May 24, 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. in Valencia/W415BC, West Concourse, Orange County Convention Center — to learn how to give more power to your PVS deployments through scripting. And if you don’t come for that – come for true examples Northern Grit should the demos go south. Mark my words, it will be worth the early start.

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