The Citrix Octoblu team has been busy building some very interesting Workspace IoT automations! These automations range from auto-launching XenDesktop sessions as employees badge into the office to Amazon Echo-powered, Skype for Business meetings in smart conference rooms like this one.

When you think about it, a smart conference room isn’t much different than a smart classroom. Automating online webinars and presentations when a professor enters the classroom is very similar to starting a Skype for Business session as meeting attendees enter a conference room. The only difference is interacting with classroom-centric hardware such as Crestron controllers and education-centric SaaS applications such as Blackboard.


Like with a conference room, facilities management receives realtime telemetry data on how these classrooms are being used and attended. If more students are opting to take these classes online, facilities can choose to downsize the room in favor of a class demonstrating higher attendance.

Everyone wins! Professors’ classes (online and classrooms) magically start as they enter the room. Students have better facilities based on demand and digital assets related to the class experience. These spaces could even follow both the professor and the student around so that they can teach and learn from anywhere at any time. Workspace IoT-enabled classrooms and tools are the fundamental building blocks for digital transformation in education.

Join us at Citrix Synergy to see our smarter spaces demos first hand! If you arrive in Orlando on the Sunday (May 21st) before Synergy kicks off, please join our LAB 608 – Workspace IoT MakerSpace and learn how to build one of these smart spaces using our Octoblu IoT platform.

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