Can’t keep up with all of Citrix’ announcements, or just been too busy? Well, here’s your opportunity to get up to speed on what’s planned for the next release of NetScaler!

Citrix Synergy is right around the corner. I have the privilege to be able to present “SYN118: What’s new with NetScaler ADC” alongside Abhilash Verma, Sr. Director of Product Management as my co-presenter. This session takes place on Wednesday, May 24th at 9:30 a.m. EST. We’ll provide you with insights into the upcoming 12.0 launch and what to expect from the other NetScaler sessions on the agenda.

The industry is pivoting to cloud and Citrix is leading the way. We’re making aggressive strides in transforming our portfolio of offerings to enable our customers on that journey. Cloud has had a significant impact on the NetScaler portfolio, with improved cloud native elasticity and operational simplicity, end-to-end management and an increased focus on platform performance across virtual environments for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

Without revealing too much, this session will provide you with a sense of what we’ll be presenting in our kickoff session at Synergy. If you’ll be in Orlando, be sure to add this to your Synergy agenda! If you can’t make it live and in person, there’s always Citrix Synergy TV so you can get all the NetScaler goodness and updates on-demand.

Visit the Synergy website for more details.

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