Independent Citrix experts’ deep dive on Remote Graphics, user experience and GPUs, by Ruben Spruijt and Benny Tritsch

Don’t be a lemming! Cloud-first doesn’t mean cloud only.

There are many great use-cases of end-user computing and public cloud, but there are also many important and interesting questions to be answered before leveraging public clouds.

For instance: what is the real user experience when Windows10 Desktops and remote applications are delivered via Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud to any device? What is the impact on User Experience when public networks including wireless are used? Is the ‘protocol war’ over? What is the impact using Office365? What are the associated costs? These questions are relevant and need to be answered when using end-user computing in public clouds.

It’s said that “user experience is king,” so why settle for less when you (re)design your Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop solution? GPU capabilities and blazing-fast, solid state storage should be the standard for a modern virtual workspace, because that’s the baseline of your physical PC. The biggest competitor for the Virtual Workspace isn’t Citrix versus VMware. No, it’s the physical PC!

Windows10, AR/VR and Mixed Reality, GPUs, User Environment Management, Layering, Device proliferation, Bring Your Own Device, including Chromebooks, cybercrime, AnyApp, AnyCloud, Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), edge computing, and containers, are main trends impacting the “modern workspace.” With all these developments, it truly is a great time to work in this industry while providing value for our business consumers.

In the current market, there is a demand for unbiased information about hardware accelerated graphics (GPUs) for application remoting (XenApp) and desktop virtualization (XenDesktop) solutions running on-premises and public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure.

We are two fellow Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) and remote graphics experts who will share our insights, unique best practices and unfiltered thoughts about GPU and graphics for Virtual Desktops and Apps. We will walk you through the latest graphics GPU developments, including the solutions offered by NVIDIA, Intel and AMD. We also will share the highlight of new test scenarios we have executed lately.

Do you want to know more about NVIDIA, INTEL, or AMD? Do you want to know more about GPUs, the value of XenServer and GPUs, user experience and resource consumption with XenDesktop, XenApp on-premises and Microsoft Azure? Want to know what the impact of the different and latest Citrix HDX codecs is? Do you want to receive insights on sizing, GPU, and creating the business case to use remote graphics in your environment? Want to know which tools we use in our toolbox? You will leave our session with lots of valuable information and with some typical Dutch and German giveaways and maybe an extra surprise, product launch or special guest.

A Citrix Synergy session you don’t want to miss — SYN303, held Wednesday, May 24, 4:45 – 5:45 p.m. You can check out all the details for Citrix Synergy 2017 here.

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