Let’s travel down to a slice of South Texas, specifically the far western corner of Texas, near the Rio Grande river at the Mexico-United States border.

In that part of Texas, lies Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC El Paso) — the only school of medicine in South Texas, and the only health-sciences center on the border of the United States and Mexico.

It is the area’s main healthcare provider. The institution has provided care for underserved, low-income communities and patients for more than 40 years. As one of seven universities in the Texas Tech University System, the university has to manage IT security and mobility needs for healthcare professionals and medical, nursing, and biomedical student populations.

TTUHSC El Paso and its partner hospitals provide $33 million in free healthcare services to the El Paso community every year. With nearly 3,000 faculty and staff, the university supports nearly 650 students.

Jorge Caballero, TTUHSC El Paso Director of Infrastructure Technology, not only had to provide students and healthcare providers with secure, reliable access to their apps and data from anywhere on any device, but his team also had to securely manage protected health information (PHI) and personally-identifiable information (PII) in compliance with HIPAA.

TTUHSC healthcare professionals access highly-sensitive EMRs, imaging systems for X-rays, MRI systems, and CT scans, in addition to the VDI used in clinics and exam rooms.

In addition to healthcare professionals accessing private health information, TTUHSC students use their personal devices to access shared educational tools, requiring enforceable security and access policies to support the student’s demand for mobility. The university also transitioned from Blackboard to the cloud-based Canvas tool for its online medical school learning materials – further increasing the need for security and HIPAA compliance.

With NetScaler Unified Gateway, Caballero and his team now can ensure users get consistent, secure, high-quality access to the data and apps they need, regardless of location or device, and without having to add complexity by over provisioning resources.

NetScaler, for Cabellero and his team, means secure delivery of data across insecure networks outside the data center to ensure regulatory compliance as well as security for hospital staff, students and patients. The team can now deliver a better user experience while reducing the number of help desk tickets coming in to their support queue.

With a highly-regulated healthcare industry, the IT team relies on NetScaler to support the latest encryption technologies to enforce key compliance mandates, including HIPAA. It’s also key for them to have SSL offloading to control the encryption and decryption of traffic by moving all the processing off the server and onto the NetScaler appliance.

NetScaler multi-tenancy means the IT team can minimize complexity by creating virtualized instances for testing development scenarios without impacting the applications in use in the production environment—all on the same box. Their database administrators can now can quickly set up new instances for testing or development on their own.

Citrix allows us to provide our users with a highly available, flexible, and more secure environment in a very efficient way. We simply feel safer with NetScaler.

“Citrix allows us to provide our users with a highly available, flexible, and more secure environment in a very efficient way. We simply feel safer with NetScaler,” says Caballero.

Citrix lets TTUHSC say “YES” to providing easy access to their data for their users from anywhere, over any cloud or network, and on any device. You can read the full story here.

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