It was an honor to represent Citrix at Cisco’s first live studio audience TechWise TV broadcast to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of HyperFlex.

Citrix was the only technology partner featured amidst more than 200 live attendees and 3200+ online viewers. I provided my perspective on the simplicity and flexibility of Citrix secure app and desktop delivery combined with Cisco HyperFlex.  Watch my whiteboarding segment on the Cisco HyperFlex TechWise TV broadcast at the 26 minute mark.

Learn more about Cisco HyperFlex VDI for Citrix by attending the Winnovation Webinar on April 19 or by visiting

Here’s how it all went down:

Date: 3/20/2017

9:00 a.m.: Arrived and met TechWise TV Host, Robb Boyd

tech tv live

11:00a.m.: Had a Product Management meeting on what’s next for our partnership (on Tetration Analytics)

1:00p.m.: Recorded video with Jeff MacTavish for Cisco Sales Kick-off, and blogs posts, about the Cisco-Citrix partnership, Citrix Synergy, and lots more!


2:00p.m.: Rehearsal in studio with white boarding, dancing, joking (that’s a big surprise, I know!), and a final run-through. Had one last opportunity to get comfortable using the electronic whiteboard.


3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.: Make up and time to get ready for showtime; I got a behind-the-scenes tour of the operation.


4:30p.m.: Doors open! I had the opportunity to meet some Cisco execs, customers, and partners

5:00p.m.: The show starts to record

  • Explained why HCI is so hot and why HyperFlex has enabled more applications across more workloads than ever anticipated.


  • Standing room only! The studio was full and energy was high.
  • Each side of the room chanted “More Apps” and “Less Infrastructure” right before we started, which pumped up the audience.


  • A Mariachi band played several times when the hosts said “One Year” and finally played Happy Birthday to HyperFlex to close the event.



Happy Birthday Cisco HyperFlex – congratulations on achieving 1,100 customers in one year! Thank you for making Citrix part of this achievement. It was a HyperconvergExperience!