Cisco and Citrix Winnovation Webinar Building the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Desktop Solution with Citrix and Cisco
Aug 9 2017

Aug 9, 2017 | 8:00 AM PT

Cisco & Citrix

Cisco and Citrix Winnovation Webinar

Building the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud Desktop Solution with Citrix and Cisco

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM PT

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT

Whether your customer values simplicity, control, or both, Cisco and Citrix have you covered! This high energy session, delivered by industry veterans Mike Brennan and Rick Dehlinger, will explore how you build the ultimate Hybrid Cloud Desktop solution to meet their desktop/application delivery needs. In this session, we’ll explore the following topics, complete with demonstrations and lively Q&A:

  • Which UCS platform should I choose? Why? 
  • What Citrix deployment options should I choose? Why? 
  • What’s needed to get going? How do I set it up? 
  • What about NetScaler? What’s it do? When do I need it? Where should it run? 
  • What does the user experience look like? What about the administrative experience? 
  • I want to learn more! Where do I start? 

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Rick Dehlinger, Principal Solution Architect, Strategic Alliances
Mike Brennan, Product and Technical Marketing Manager, Desktop Virtualization and Graphics Solutions

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Your team has just been tasked with designing a mobile workspace strategy for the organization. You decide on Citrix as the platform for app and desktop virtualization and for file sharing, but what supporting infrastructure will ensure your overall success?

Look no further than with Pure Storage and Cisco for Citrix mobile workspaces. Not only do you have a leader with Citrix in delivering secure apps and desktops as well as file sync and share, but you have leaders in compute, networking and storage. Learn how the combination of a converged infrastructure from Pure and Cisco can help to you rapidly deploy a comprehensive mobile workspace that is resilient, simple to manage, secure and cost effective.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to successfully deploy Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp that can scale with your organizational needs with FlashStack, an agile infrastructure from Pure and Cisco.
  • How our customers are benefiting from FlashStack with Citrix
  • How to enable remote access to files stored on-premises in order to meet strict compliance requirements

Anil Kumar, Technical marketing Lead, Citrix
Bryan Hilton, Technical Solutions Arhitect, Cisco
Kyle Grossmiller, VDI Solutions Architect, Pure

Cisco and Citrix just released a new private cloud solution that combines Cisco ACI, Citrix NetScaler, and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack to give you a flexible, easy-to-use, and tightly integrated offering for deploying applications on Azure.

Join us to learn how this solution can enable your business to use network automation to deploy applications faster and achieve agile, and flexible data center operations.

Dave Potter, NetScaler Senior Solutions Architect, Citrix
Ahmed Dessouki, Product Manager Insieme Business Unit, Cisco

Cisco’s HyperFlex hyper- converged solution on Citrix application and desktop virtualization is all the rage, taking the market by storm, and with good reason. Why? Because when today’s workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and geographically dispersed with “work from anywhere,” CIO’s everywhere are looking to maximize their budget while keeping pace and scalability with systems that support rapid, agile development processes. 
Cisco HyperFlex Systems let you unlock the full potential of hyper-convergence and adapt IT to the needs of your workloads. Desktop Virtualization, as one of the most demanding workloads in any datacenter, is a natural fit for deploying on hyper-converged infrastructure. Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp application and desktop virtualization delivers high-performance, scalability, and business agility that supports mobile users without sacrificing security and compliance. In this session, we will explore what is possible when the power of Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp are combined to form the foundation of your solution.

Rick Dehlinger, Principal Solution Architect, Strategic Alliances 
Vadim Lebedev, Technical Marketing Engineer, Computing Systems Product Group

Learn how trusted innovators, Citrix and Cisco, share a common vision — to meet the rapidly changing needs of users and new applications using software-defined networking to modernize data centers.

Citrix NetScaler and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) transform the datacenter infrastructure with accelerated application delivery, scalability, security, and ease of management.

Discover how you can grow your business by helping your customers build a secure, policy-driven architecture that offers deployment flexibility and the ability to choose the strategy that works best for your organization now and in the future.

Ahmed Dessouki, Product Manager, Insieme Business Unit, Cisco
Michael Leonard, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix