Hello, Citrix global community!

The XenServer team is pleased to announce the availability of an updated version of XenCenter, the management UI for XenServer virtual environments.

The latest version of XenCenter — v7.1.1 — offers improvements in UI responsiveness, particularly when managing a larger number of hosts or pools, as well as several fixes associated with host health check analysis, status reports and updates.

For XenServer 7.0 customers, this hotfix provides the added benefit of Automated Host Updating – a highly anticipated feature introduced in XenServer 7.1 — described in my previous blog post. After installing XenCenter 7.1.1, XenServer 7.0 administrators will be able to install and apply multiple updates to host systems via a single reboot to significantly reduce maintenance downtime, a capability currently enjoyed by XenServer 7.1 administrators.

Not only does the Automated Host Updating feature allow multiple updates to be applied simultaneously, it installs them in the proper order to ensure all update dependencies are satisfied, further reducing administrative burden.

The following video shows the Automated Host Updating feature in action:

To learn more about the latest version of XenCenter, visit https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX222368

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