There can be many reasons for incorrect configurations for XenMobile and NetScaler, but they’re not always easy to pinpoint. The XenMobile team is working on making this better, but in the meantime, we’ve added new capabilities to XenMobile Analyzer to analyze and troubleshoot the configurations on your NetScaler server.

XenMobile Analyzer runs two types of configuration checks: essential checks look for components that are critical for the successful NetScaler deployment with respect to XenMobile and Advanced checks look for components that are not critical, but complementary to XenMobile deployments.

In three simple steps, we can provide insights and guidance into your configuration and save you lots of troubleshooting time!

  1. Log on to XenMobile Analyzer and click NetScaler Configuration


  2. Upload the latest ns.conf file from your NetScaler and click the “Run Check” button (How do I get ns.conf file?Note: XenMobile Analyzer does not save the ns.conf file.


  3. View the report for any misconfigurations.

    If the XenMobile Analyzer detects any issues with your NetScaler configurations, you can view recommendations on Essential and Advanced checks for the NetScaler Gateway. Click View Report.View the report for any misconfigurations


Note: The overall status is a Success if the Essential Configuration checks have passed.

For prerequisites and detailed steps, refer to XenMobile Analyzer product documentation.

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