Citrix Cloud simplifies the provisioning and management of Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure desktops by using Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop Service. In the past, public cloud desktop offerings relied on Windows servers to offer Windows applications to end users. For example, you get a Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual server instance for your virtual desktop, not a Windows 7 desktop. The Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure Current Build Branch is the first desktop operating system supported on a public cloud.

The announcement of the Citrix Cloud service for Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure last year provided the ability to provision and power-manage real Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure virtual desktops on Azure right from the Citrix Studio console. With this, your Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure migration just got a lot easier since you will be able to manage all your Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure virtual desktop instances, policies and user assignments from a single management pane.

The next logical step for us was to integrate this new Citrix Cloud service with Microsoft Azure Marketplace and allow customers the ability to purchase, configure and deploy Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure using the new Citrix Cloud service.

So, how do you deliver data center applications and data to these managed desktops? We created a guide and reference architecture that lays the foundation of delivering these cloud based desktops to your users. The following sections will help you get started in building the foundation for connecting Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure managed desktops to your data center.

  • Pre-requisites for the solution will help you gather the necessary tools for setup and configuration of each component.
  • Microsoft Azure initial configuration will guide administrators in creating the basic Resource Group and network requirements for the solution.
  • Citrix Cloud Sign up process and recommendations for the Cloud Connector setup in Microsoft Azure.
  • Creating Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure XenDesktop Master Image section will guide you installing and configuring the basic components to create Citrix Cloud managed desktops.
  • Making Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure desktop available to your users with Citrix Studio in XenApp and XenDesktop Service
  • Configuring NetScaler in Microsoft Azure will secure Citrix Receiver HDX connections from client machines to Citrix Cloud managed desktops.
  • Configuring user profile management solution in Microsoft Azure will guide you in configuring storage optimized for high availability and greater performance for cloud Windows 10 Enterprise on Azure desktop.

Configuring NetScaler Cloud Connector to connect Azure network to your data center by creating IPSec Tunnel between your data center network and Microsoft Azure virtual network.

For the complete guide and reference architecture click here.