If it seems like XenMobile releases are coming fast and furious days, that’s because they are! Moving XenMobile apps to the public app stores has allowed us to deliver new features and fixes faster than ever before.

Three weeks ago, we delivered XenMobile 10.5, a comprehensive release including updates to XenMobile Server and XenMobile apps (both public store and enterprise distribution versions).

Following quickly behind XenMobile 10.5 is XenMobile 10.5.5 client release, which is available today in the public app stores. XenMobile 10.5.5 includes updated public store versions of Secure Hub and Secure Mail for iOS and Android.

Assigning a specific theme to each of these rapid-fire releases can sometimes be difficult, but for 10.5.5 it was pretty easy. This release is all about user experience. New features that enable mobile users to work faster and more efficiently while on the move.

Secure Mail user experience enhancements include:

  • Open ShareFile directly from Secure Mail (iOS) – Secure Mail can now recognize ShareFile URLs and open them directly in the ShareFile app. Previously, Secure Mail would open Secure Web first before Secure Web would open the ShareFile app.
  • URL Preview (iOS) – If you long press on a link, you can now see the full URL and select whether to open or copy it. This functionality is already supported for Android.
  • Calendar attachments in attachment repository – View calendar attachments from the attachment repository. From there you can preview, share, download and attach the files.
  • View Contact option (Android) – Long press on email addresses or recipients in the mail view or mail compose screens to view more details about a contact.
  • Secure Mail APNs improvements – Reduced power and network consumption with real-time sync.
  • Exchange compatibility with Exchange 2016 update 4 and Secure Mail.

Secure Hub enhancements include:

  • Turkish language support – Secure Hub and Secure Mail now support the Turkish language.

For more information including feature descriptions, known issues and fixed issues for XenMobile 10.5.5 click HERE.