On the heels of HIMMS 2017, several topics were top of mind with you, our customers. These subjects were foremost in conversations: cloud and how Citrix is adapting to the ever-changing ecosystem, how our industry leading solutions are evolving to leverage the power of the cloud, and which strategic partnerships we are developing to deliver equivalent high quality alternatives to our own on-premise enterprise cloud solutions.

All of these questions have an underlying reasoning — you see cloud as a viable option. This is true whether yours is an opportunity to streamline operations, deliver services that may be impractical in an on-premise delivery method, or move key infrastructure to a future-proof environment to minimize the impact of upgrades and or migrations. Both strategic and tactical initiatives now are being considered cloud-ready and Citrix is here to make your transition to the cloud simple and on your terms.

Understanding that you are looking into new ways to leverage cloud, we at Citrix are delivering targeted content to enlighten and assist healthcare customers in understanding the options that are available from us and our partners.

On March 20th Manu Chauhan, Director of Product Management and I, in conjunction with HIMSS and Healthcare IT News will be delivering a webinar that speaks to:

  • Citrix Cloud portfolio
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Healthcare-specific use cases
  • Cloud options


Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud: Simplify Access to Apps and Data
March 20th 2017 / 11:00 AM ET