If you follow Newton’s second law of motion – momentum – you know it is measured as p=mv. But this isn’t traditional physics and I’m not Sir Isaac Newton. I’m a simple computer geek and I measure momentum as the number of customers that adopt an innovative technology in less than a year.

Take, for example, Cisco’s HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

Together, Citrix and Cisco have seen Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix XenDesktop top the 1,000-customer threshold – customers like Bellevue Group, a large financial services firm based in Küschnacht, Switzerland. In order to keep up with the demand of financiers looking to Bellevue Group for its insightful recommendations on investments and asset management, Bellevue’s traders and portfolio managers need to act swiftly and be agile to financial reports and market fluctuations, all of which happen in real time and with great speed.

If these same financial wizards had slow or unresponsive desktops then their decisions and market recommendations would fall flat. To meet the high demands of this frenetic environment, Bellevue turned to Cisco and Citrix to complement the already existing Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with Cisco HyperFlex and XenApp and XenDesktop.

In no time at all, Bellevue was able to provision virtual desktops and apps without worrying about connecting to varying storage arrays or learning new management UIs. In a matter of a few clicks of the mouse, they are able to configure a new server, enable traders to log into a zero client and access a Windows 10 virtual desktop complete with all their mission critical apps.

In short, customers like Bellevue Group are able to get more performance, more workloads and more efficiency easier and faster than ever before.

But let’s not stop the “momentum” there  (pun totally intended)! If you are driving for more detail then check out some of these resources from some of my most respected colleagues:

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Now, if we take a liberal view of Newtonian mechanics and the “law of action and reaction” (bear with me) then the “hyper-success” of Cisco HyperFlex would beget the release of HyperFlex 2.0. Citrix is pleased to collaborate with Cisco on this All-Flash node solution combined with 40Gbps UCS Fabric Networking to bring the highest VM density per cluster with reduced data – latency. And best of all, no uncertainty like with that pesky Schrödinger’s cat.

Simply put: The new HyperFlex – Simplify more.