As new technologies continue to upend traditional business models, telecom service providers, cloud providers, and managed service providers are searching for new services to bring to market in an effort to attract and retain customers. These services must complement existing cloud and SaaS offerings, while allowing providers to be highly responsive to customer requirements and to create and deploy new services rapidly.

Citrix, with its broad range of solutions, is partnering with these service providers, helping them expand their product offerings and create high-value, differentiated services. Citrix has an extensive program for service providers delivering Citrix based workspaces. This includes reference architectures, business planning tools as well as flexible licensing arrangements with no up-front license fee commitments. And now with is joined with security and network services, all under a common provisioning and reporting system.

We use Citrix NetScaler SDX to provide the single-sign-on functionality in our Fujitsu Managed Mobile Service offering. NetScaler SDX is a key component of the offering, providing easily provisioned secure and granular access control for our customers in a true multi-tenant environment. — Mark Baxter, Head of Global Offerings, Fujitsu

The Citrix networking portfolio, in particular, enables a number of communications and networking services which can be offered to enterprise customers allowing them to broaden their product portfolio and deepen and secure their customer relationships. This blog post explores some of the ones that are getting the most traction with our partners and customers.

Security Services

  • Single sign on (SSO) service gives your customers a way to centralize and easily administer access to all their web, mobile and hosted applications. With endpoint analysis and n-factor authentication, you can offer a service easily tailored to the needs of every enterprise.
  • SSL VPN services help your customers seamlessly access applications from anywhere using any device including laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  • Web Application firewall service protects your customers’ web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including all application-layer and zero-day threats. Citrix offers the highest performing WAF in the market, making it an ideal solution for service providers.
  • Secure access to virtual application and desktops through the NetScaler Gateway Service (NGS), a cloud based offering that is simple to deploy and manage, ensures availability of XenApp and XenDesktop service and provides the best user experience on any device, under any network condition. This service can be white labelled and used to enhance virtual application as a service and desktop as a service offerings.

SD-WAN Services

  • An always-on network gives your customers reliability as they move applications to the datacenter and cloud. With the ability of NetScaler SD-WAN to use any available connection and to fail over if any link fails or degrades, you can provide an always on connection to your customers.
  • Hybrid network service allows your customer to continue to use MPLS as the core of their WAN connectivity, while augmenting that with broadband and wireless connections. This enables you to give enterprises the large amount of bandwidth they need for new bandwidth intensive applications, while still providing the assured performance they expect from MPLS.
  • Managed network services allows your customers to focus on their core business, rather than the network. With an integrated WAN edge appliance that is centrally managed and deep.
  • Wireless backup service is a great option for customers who have limited options for connections, but want the benefit of always-on connections. With SD-WAN, your customers can have an active/passive network, using the wireless connection only when their primary links fail.
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity is an end-to-end connection from the branch to the cloud, simplifying your customers’ network as they move to a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture. SD-WAN can provide a reliable connection using aggregated broadband or WAN connections from the branch to a colocation environment, with a connection from there to public clouds using Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect. Citrix has successfully partnered with Equinix to bring this service to enterprises, and the combined offering can be bundled with network circuits and management to create a complete managed service for cloud connectivity.

Citrix will be demonstrating these and other services available in the NetScaler suite this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stop by the Citrix booth to learn more about how we can help your business expand into new services.

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