63% of security breaches involve weak or stolen credentials, which highlights why authentication is often the weak link in the security defences of organizations. For hackers, stealing or guessing an employee’s credentials means they can “legitimately” enter company networks and, potentially, go undetected for weeks or even months. In a remote working environment, authentication is even more crucial, as it’s easier for hackers to breach networks.

Thankfully, most organizations do not rely solely on passwords to protect themselves anymore. But many have two-factor authentication in place, which can be compromised. And the fact that two-factor authentication is token based means it is expensive to implement and can be time-consuming for companies to administer.

The latest innovation is multi-factor authentication (MFA), which uses a number of variables to identify users and sends them a one time passcode via their mobile phones — a piece of hardware they are never without. The beauty of MFA is its simplicity. It stops hackers from breaching the login. You don’t want to sacrifice remote working because of the threat. But you have to honour the security of those networks. MFA is a positive step towards being able to do that. But how do you choose the right solution?

Luckily, organizations using Citrix have found a way forward. CensorNet MFA, previously known as SMS PASSCODE, is a Citrix Ready-certified product. It is a purpose-built authentication system, perfectly suited to meet the security demands of modern enterprises. And it also provides an excellent user experience, as it is straightforward and intuitive for employees to use.

Citrix and CensorNet have teamed up to develop a white paper under the technical program – Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access ProgramIn it, we have discussed the importance of deploying a multifactor authentication solution as a successful defence against modern cyber criminals. It also looks at the effectiveness of teaming Citrix NetScaler and CensorNet to meet the growing need for secure remote access for enterprises worldwide.

Citrix NetScaler and CensorNet go hand-in-hand, creating the perfect secure remote access system for both administrators and users. From installation and the management of routine administrative duties, such as resetting passwords, to everyday usability, everything is much easier and more straightforward than with other MFA solutions on the market. Thanks to the teaming of these two solutions, thousands of Citrix clients around the world can now enjoy an easier-to-use, more-secure remote access solution.

To find out more about multi-factor authentication and how to build a more secure remote access solution, please download our whitepaper here.

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CensorNet, the complete cloud security company, helps more than 4000 organisations and over 1.3 million users worldwide, step up to the challenge of managing the rise of cloud applications in an increasingly mobile work environment. CensorNet Unified Security Service (USS) is a new-generation comprehensive cloud based cyber security solution that provides organisations with greater visibility and control of web access, cloud application use, adaptive multi-factor authentication and email security in one single management dashboard. It gives organisations the power to address the security, audit, compliance and productivity issues associated with the growing use of cloud applications and devices regardless of whether users are in-office or mobile. CensorNet USS also enables organisations to control Shadow IT and safely implement BYOD initiatives. The company is headquartered in Basingstoke, UK with further offices in Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA (US); Copenhagen (Denmark) and Munich (Germany). www.censornet.com
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