Over the past year, the Citrix Developer team has been building up a repository of developer tools that enables anybody that wants to build an app, build an integration, or just build an automation script to do just that, and do it in a quick and easy way.

While we are trying to add new tools and iterating on our existing ones, sometimes it feels like, with the multitude of developer outlets, that some of our customers and developers get lost when trying to find Citrix developer related resources. That said, let’s build up a list of interesting developer resources to augment our main developer site. We hope this list helps you stay up to date with what is currently available and where to look when new resources get released.

Developer Main Site

This is the main developer presence for resources related to building on the Citrix SDK and API platform. The SDKs are organized into top-level categories for easy access. Documentation is available from each SDK product page. We also provide quick links to developer tools and SDK downloads to help you get started quickly.

Citrix Developer

Citrix Developer Visual Studio Extension

This is the quickest and easiest way to get started building for Citrix. This is a free Visual Studio extension that gets updated regularly and provides links to most of our resources and templates for our SDKs/APIs to get you started. For example, there are new project templates for the storefront API, the store SDK, director plugins just to name a few. This extension also prompts the user when there is an update available. It’s a great addition to Visual Studio.

Citrix Developer VSExtension

Github OpenSource

We value OpenSource and the OpenSource community. Take a look at our organization on GitHub; it is the one stop shop for all open source projects from Citrix. Whether it is sponsored projects like XenServer and Octoblu or sample projects and developer tools or documentation, we are using GitHub more than ever now. If you are looking for the direct repository link, click here.

Citrix Developer Github

nuget.org (Citrix Packages)

If you are looking for helper classes and SDKs that are available from directly in Visual Studio with just a simple right click, check out our nuget.org feed. Head on over to www.nuget.org and search Citrix (or just click this link) and you can find lots of goodies. There are helper classes that wrap Citrix Storefront API calls, direct binary SDK downloads and Octoblu classes, just to name a few. There are a total of 23 objects for you to get started with and all are within your project in Visual Studio.

Citrix Developer Nuget

Yeoman NetScaler Generator

Want to get started with accessing the Netscaler NITRO APIs? With this Yeoman generator, you can do just that. It helps you build out a .NET Core application that runs on Mac/Linux/Windows with just a few easy steps. Another item for the developer toolbox and it’s open source too.

Citrix Developer Yeomen-Netscaler

Netscaler CPX

Want to start developing for Citrix Netscaler, but don’t have any availability to the hardware or VPXs? Don’t sweat it; we have you covered with Netscaler CPX, a containerized, developer-friendly version of Netscaler. Download it and get started with the NITRO API today (and you can use the Yeoman Generator). In addition, we have several videos that show how to get started using Netscaler in different types of docker hosts. You can check them out here.

Citrix Developer CPX

Here are a few interesting videos related to the new Netscaler CPX container running in different docker hosts.

YouTube Tutorials/HowTo and Dev:Snacks

We love video tutorials. They provide a great way to walk through the tools and samples, provide some context for the sample and not just talk about a developer topic. We have started a few series targeting our developer community and have listed them below. We’re always trying to evolve so if you have an idea, let us know and we’ll try and create a video around the developer topic.

Here are some YouTube playlists for each developer series:

  • dev:snack Videos that tackle a small bit sized amount of information, typically 5 minutes or less.
  • Getting Started – The general developer getting started videos related to Citrix
  • dev:howto – HowTo videos to target a specific solution or tool.

I hope this post gives you a head start as you start developing for Citrix. As always, please reach out to  me on Twitter @johnmcbride or @citrixdeveloper if you have any questions of suggestions. We want to build tools/samples and open source community that enables you and your companies to build on Citrix.

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