In 2016, Citrix unveiled a new brand to support a new strategic direction and reinforce our commitment to customers and partners. As part of the branding effort, we are pleased to announce a redesigned set of partner badges. This updated set of badges is just the first step in a refreshed approach to partner “co-branding” that will be rolled-out throughout 2017.

The Citrix Partner Badges are logos that partners use to communicate their relationship with Citrix. There are many variations of badge that specify partner type, technical specialization, levels of expertise. The badges communicate to customers the strength of our partnerships and the confidence and trust we have in each other to deliver to the highest standards.


Using the New Partner Badges

The Citrix Partner Badges are ready to use today. Here are few quick tips on how to use them, where to find them, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

  1. Go to to check out our handy digital branding kit where you can download the redesigned versions of the partner badges and a “getting started” document.
  2. If you are currently using an older version of the partner badges, please replace it wherever it appears with the appropriate updated version.
  3. Continue to use the badges just as previous version had been used and stay tuned for updates throughout 2017.

Bookmark the digital branding kit today as the kit will continue to grow and provide robust ways for you to leverage the equity of co-branded materials.

If you have specific questions about using the partner badge in advertising or any other specific touchpoint, contact your Partner Account Manager or tweet us @CitrixPartners.

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