Delivering services is a powerful and proven way to expand your Citrix offering, add a lucrative revenue stream and increase customer success and satisfaction.

As organizations shift their IT infrastructure to the cloud, services delivery will become an even more important part of your business. In fact, some analysts expect that by 2020, the majority of partner revenues will come from services.

To give Citrix partners a running start in 2017, we’re supporting you with exciting new opportunities to establish or strengthen your services portfolio. You can learn all the details at Citrix Summit in Anaheim, California, January 9-11. Together with Hector Lima, Vice President, Professional Services, I’ll be presenting at the SELL224 breakout session on January 10, 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m., in the Marquis Ballroom, NW Marquis, Marriott.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover.

I’ll be discussing Citrix Customer Success Services, our new set of tiered support offerings that redefine excellence by combining critical elements of guidance, enablement, award-winning support, and proactive monitoring. Customer Success Services are designed to help your customers get the most from their Citrix investment – and to help you penetrate accounts and build your customer base. I’ll explain how our partners can benefit, including a 4X greater likelihood that your customers will renew licenses and purchase new Citrix products and services.

Since we introduced Customer Success Services in October, there’s been tremendous interest from our partner ecosystem, joint customers and the industry as a whole. This month, we’re officially launching Select Services, a completely redesigned entry-level package that replaces the Software Maintenance offering. The two premium tiers, Priority Services and Priority Plus, will debut in July.

Next, Hector will introduce our brand-new and groundbreaking Services Delivery Program that will help partners maximize services opportunities and success in the mid-market and in underserved and emerging markets.

We know there’s a direct correlation between excellence in services delivery and higher product sales. By selling and delivering Citrix-developed services offerings, provided as complete Services Delivery Kits, you can quickly ramp up your services portfolio and help drive overall sales volume. You’ll get access to training, select Citrix Consulting intellectual property (such as methodology, leading practices) and direct assistance from Citrix consultants. The first kits are targeted for Q2 availability.

Plus, if you want to elevate your competitive advantage even more, you can pursue a new designation: Certified Services Delivery Partner. This certification gives you a host of additional benefits.

Citrix is committed to providing a higher standard of service that empowers customer success in the cloud, on premises or anywhere in between. To achieve this goal, we are relying on and enabling our partners to deliver high-quality services to customers worldwide. Please join our breakout session, where you’ll learn more about these new opportunities to grow your services business and, ultimately, make more money.

Have a super Summit & let’s win together in 2017!

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