In 2017 — for the first time — we have established annual System Integrator Awards to honor members of our partner ecosystem. The invitation-only Citrix System Integrator program is focused on those partners that work with our enterprise customers. Our seven largest members manage more than three million Citrix users, driving more than $245 million in annual bookings, and boasting more than 11,500 Citrix technical certifications among them.

The System Integrator awards highlight the real and ongoing innovation in mobility, networking, security and cloud from our partner network. We’re proud to be able to reward the Citrix System Integrators that went above and beyond to help enterprise customers leverage the Citrix portfolio to deliver real business value in 2016 and enable large enterprises to say YES.

The award winners were announced at an event at Citrix Summit 2017 on January 9.

Largest Deal of 2016: Fujitsu

Fujitsu drove an impressive $7.6M product deal providing mobile workspaces through Citrix XenDesktop to 13,000 users at an insurance firm in Japan. This was the largest deal in the history of our Citrix Japan team.

Trailblazer: Capgemini

The outstanding Capgemini “My Workspace” service brings innovation to customers using Citrix Workspace Suite. It delivers virtual desktops and applications, enterprise mobility management and enterprise file sync and share, via a central user-focused portal designed around a standard reference architecture. Capgemini chose Citrix as the foundation for their My Workspace offering.

Capgemini has achieved significant growth for two consecutive years.

Most Innovative Security Solution: CSC

CSC has partnered with Citrix to deliver secure workspaces to one of the largest police forces in the world. The deployment is supporting a digital policing initiative that aims to improve community satisfaction and reduce costs and crime. Efficiency improvements enable officers and support staff to spend more time on community-facing activity, which has had a positive impact on the perception of policing, reducing both crime and the fear of crime.

Security is of paramount importance, and in this case, only trusted devices can access the Workspace environment. Some 35,000 police officers and 15,000 support staff have a unified experience across their devices and virtual desktops thanks to our partnership with CSC.

Most Innovative Networking Solution: Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is planning to transform the way enterprises are using the WAN, not just by reducing the cost, but also by providing a true ‘always-on’ network. Citrix Netscaler SD-WAN increases performance and reliability. TCS evaluated a lot of technology and found that Citrix matches their vision and strategy for the ‘always-on’ network. Tata Consultancy Services SDwan white paper says that, Netscaler SDWAN enables enterprises to expand WAN bandwidth using economical and flexible cable, DSL and 4G wireless connections, instead of expensive MPLS capacity, without sacrificing reliability and quality. The solution helps ensure that the business-critical applications always perform well, even when the underlying network paths are unreliable. NetScaler SD-WAN offers an all-in-one, branch edge appliance based solution incorporating application-aware virtualized WAN connectivity, dynamic routing, WAN optimization, secure internet breakout and end-to-end visibility. All of these services are managed from a single management platform, with integrated service configuration and monitoring, removing IT operational complexity that drives human costs and operational risks in the multi-pane vendor deployments of today.”

Most Innovative Digital Transformation Solution: Atos

Atos secured our second largest SI partner win in 2016 at a customer site in EMEA that included XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, Netscaler and Sharefile. Atos is incorporating automation, big data and analytics to deliver an innovative, digitally-transformed enterprise solution for this major energy company.

  • Digital Transformation: Atos will fully manage the workspace, delivering a hybrid of traditional, virtual and mobile user workplaces across the world. With an average of two managed corporate devices per user, the customer is looking to embrace a secure, digital workplace approach.
  • Automation: Automation and virtual assistants will be embedded in the solution, integrating workplace infrastructure task and process automation with service requests.
  • Big Data and Analytics: The service is underpinned by intelligent analytics, systematically and proactively improving user experience.

This customer was looking for a partner to help transform its workplace by embedding innovation, while reducing costs and delivering a globally-consistent end-user support service for 73,000 employees using 135,000 devices and based in more than 2,000 locations.

Most Innovative Mobility Solution: Fujitsu

Fujitsu Managed Mobile powered by Citrix XenMobile and ShareFile, has 50 customers and more than 100,000 users on the cloud. Fujitsu Managed Mobile leverages Citrix technology to provide customers with enterprise file sync and share, a unified app store, telecom expense management, mobile device management, mobile app management, secure email and internet access, identity management, single sign-on and access control and service management reports.

Managed Mobile is a cloud-based service delivered from secure Fujitsu data centers and managed by Fujitsu experts. No up front investment by the customer is required. Depending on their requirements, customers can administer the solution themselves based on a SaaS model or even implement the solution on-premises, managed either by the customer or by Fujitsu.

Most Innovative Cloud Solution: IBM

The cloud partnership between Citrix and IBM includes networking, desktop and app delivery, and the Citrix Cloud solution. In 2016, Citrix and IBM teamed up to deliver a desktop and app delivery solution for 14,000 users at one of the world’s leading airlines, which includes running XenDesktop on the IBM Cloud for disaster recovery.

IBM is the largest Citrix Cloud networking CSP running NetScaler-as-a-service to optimize and secure workloads running on the IBM Cloud. This year IBM has also brought innovation by developing a connector and automation for integrating the IBM Cloud with Citrix Cloud. We look forward to further enhancing our cloud partnership with IBM.

Most Innovative Workspace Solution: CSC

CSC has been recognized by IDC, Gartner, and Everest Management as a leader in Global Workplace Services. CSC supports more than two million users, desktops and devices with customers in production worldwide. By leveraging Citrix core products, CSC MyWorkStyle offers a complete solution for any type of enterprise. With MyWorkstyle, CSC has combined automated desktop management, service management, hyper-converged infrastructure and cyber security service together with advanced end-user features, including a self-service application store to make the solution future ready. CSC MyWorkStyle offers the perfect combination of communication, collaboration, mobility and social tools for the enterprise.

CSC MyWorkStyle also offers a hybrid cloud capability through a workplace access broker/single sign-on that enables customers to consume software-as-a-service type solutions like DaaS and O365 as well as on-premises and private cloud apps in a manner that is automated and transparent to users. This enables businesses to increase flexibility, reduce costs and provide more deployment options, while meeting security and compliance requirements throughout the organization. In addition, MyWorkStyle offers a complete automation engine for workspaces. Leveraging the CSC Agility Platform, CSC is automating its MyWorkStyle offerings with Citrix and all the network acceleration is powered by Citrix.

Most Innovative Marketing: Fujitsu

Fujitsu and Citrix have enjoyed a very productive global partnership bringing innovation to our mutual customers for many years. In 2016, Fujitsu demonstrated excellence in marketing through innovative programs like account-based marketing, global seminar tours with Citrix and Microsoft, an interview with Kirill Tatarinov in its I-CIO magazine, inviting Citrix to its distinguished engineer conference and as a finalist for the Citrix Summit Innovation award with its GoDaaS solution in New Zealand. Thank you, Danke Schoen and Domo Arigato Fujitsu for doing such a great job teaching our customers about the Power of Yes.

Americas SI Leadership: IBM

Citrix and IBM have shared more than 20 years of close partnership, and in 2016 Citrix and IBM took it up another notch and collaborated on a focused strategic field engagement plan. This approach has deepened the Americas field relationship adding to their joint successes through proactive collaboration for client value. Some examples of this are shown in delivering a first of a kind joint Networking solution to a client in the US and a strategic expansion our joint application virtualization footprint at a client in Canada. Through our strategic alliance, both IBM and Citrix continue to build mutual skills, and commit more resources to delivering innovative mobile workspace solutions that bring added value to our customers.

EMEA SI Leadership: Fujitsu

Extending from a strong global partnership, Fujitsu raised the bar in 2016. Delivering a mix of cloud-based mobility and on premise enterprise workplace solutions, in conjunction with a strong EMEA team, Fujitsu drove success and the creation of multiple productive regional and in country partnerships in key countries that enabled customer innovation. Fujitsu reached record 2016 bookings and demonstrated engagement excellence in joint vertical sales and marketing, utilizing account-based marketing best practices and engaging Citrix proactively with new ideas on Responsible Business strategies.

Asia Pacific SI Leadership: Dimension Data

Dimension Data has been a strong, successful and committed Global SI partner with Citrix for many years, selling and implementing virtual desktop and application solutions across a wide range of industry verticals, primarily driven through their End User Computing practice. Citrix saw great potential in working closer with Dimension Data’s Networking Business Unit to expand our joint sales motion and provide industry-leading networking solutions to the market.  Citrix networking specialists invested time and resources to increase awareness of the Citrix networking portfolio and supported Dimension Data in key accounts and opportunities.  Dimension Data invested significant time in training and education on Citrix Networking technologies, recognising their own opportunity to provide broader, integrated solutions from Citrix for better business outcomes to their customers.

In 2016 the partnership saw success on a number of levels including substantial growth in the Citrix & Dimension Data networking business.  Dimension Data won key deals across the Citrix Networking portfolio including ADC, ACI, secure remote access and the WAN optimisation business.  The partnership also experienced consistent selling of Citrix Networking quarter after quarter – demonstrating a broad awareness and adoption of Citrix Networking across the Dimension Data business.

We congratulate all of our award winners and look forward to another successful year driven by our mutually beneficial partnerships. Learn more about Global Citrix Partners and contact me anytime if one of our Global System Integrator partners can help you deliver a secure cloud, mobility or networking solution.

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