Thin clients have long been a great alternative to expensive desktops or laptops and are ideal when using XenApp and XenDesktop secure app and desktop delivery. After all, you only need an internet connection and Citrix Receiver to get access to a full Windows desktop or your business-critical apps.

One reason that thin clients are so popular is that they are typically offered at a lower price point — hundreds of dollars below that of a full desktop or laptop. What if you could lower the price even more, without sacrificing the performance? How does under $100 sound?

Meet the Citrix HDX Ready Pi

Citrix Ready partners ViewSonic and Micro Center have made VDI accessible for nearly any budget with the ultra-low-cost HDX Ready Pi, based on the Raspberry Pi 3. And it is a game-changer.

Get all of the security and simplicity that you’re looking for from a thin client that fits into the palm of your hand and well within any budget. The HDX Ready Pi comes fully assembled and pre-installed with Citrix Receiver. That means you can literally plug-n-play into your XenApp or XenDesktop installation and get to work in minutes. Unlike the traditional Raspberry Pi, there is no effort or time spent in buying the different components and putting them together. The HDX system-on-chip is optimized for high performance graphics, including GPU acceleration on the client.

The HDX Ready Pi is ideal for environments with a seasonal workforce or where space may be a constraint—I’ve even heard customers suggest putting them in vending machines. Just swipe your badge and get issued a Pi.

Want to see it in action?

Hear from Scott Lane, as he gives a demo of the HDX Ready Pi in the video below.

Learn about the HDX Ready Pi at and more ways to save with XenApp and XenDesktop at

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