Citrix Director is the daily web-based monitoring console for XenApp and XenDesktop. A number of helpful features are included for all users, while Platinum editions get a few extra features. If you have monitoring environments in Citrix Cloud, fret not: most Director features are also available there, regardless of subscription type. In fact, due to the agility of Citrix Cloud, our strategy is to roll-out the latest features there first before making them available in on-premises versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all these Director features exactly and how do they vary from one product version to another? What’s included in the other non-Platinum editions? We get questions like these frequently and we’re here to provide some helpful information. We put together a helpful table to provide some additional detail on Director features by XenApp and XenDesktop edition and version. Additional detail about all features available by edition in the current release may be found at the XenApp and XenDesktop feature matrix.

Director Feature Edition Version
Role-based access All 7.0+
7 days of historical reporting All 7.0+
Up to one year of historical reporting Platinum 7.0+
HDX Insight Platinum

* Requires NetScaler and Insight Center appliance. Not available with Citrix Cloud.

All features in Director 7.6 except application usage All 7.6+
Application usage Platinum 7.6+
All features in Director 7.6.100 All 7.6.100+
Session recording integration All 7.6.200+
Framehawk support All 7.6.300+
Integrated Windows Authentication (single sign-on) All 7.7+
SCOM integration Platinum 7.7+
Desktop usage Platinum 7.7+
Proactive Notification and Alerting Platinum 7.7+
Logon Performance V2 (drilldown information per user of logon breakdown data) All 7.9+

Next Steps

Not already on XenApp or XenDesktop 7.9 Platinum or leveraging Citrix Cloud? I encourage you to learn more using the following resources: