The Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) Program award recognizes the contributions of individuals who have invested significant  time and resources to become experts in Citrix products and solutions.

They have also selflessly shared their expertise with others in a wide variety of Citrix technical communities.

CTP Class of 2016

You think this is an easy award to achieve? It’s not. All candidates (new and existing) are evaluated each year. This year, we received and evaluated 60 applications for the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program award.

With a limit of 50 total CTP Awardees each year, we are pleased to welcome these 6 new Citrix Technology Professionals into our CTP family. Please join Citrix and the CTPs in congratulating our newest CTP awardees:

Bas van KaamBas van Kaam. Bas hails from the Utrecht Area of the Netherlands and has a deep background in Citrix technologies. He specializes in designing, building, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing Microsoft & SBC / VDI (Citrix) oriented infrastructures for mid-sized companies, and is a Citrix Certified Expert (CCE-V) – Architecting, Assessing and Designing Apps and Desktops, Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA), Citrix Certified Sales Professional 2013 (CCSP), Citrix Certified Sales Professional 2012 (CCSP), Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization (CCEE), Citrix CCA XenServer 6.0, Citrix CCA XenDesktop 5.0, Citrix CCAA XenApp 6.5 andCitrix CCA XenApp 5.0 & 6.5. You can find him on LinkedIn or connect with him on Twitter.

Carl StalhoodCarl Stalhood. From Overland Park, Kansas, Carl is an IT implementation engineer specialized in centralized data center execution of PC-based apps using technologies from Citrix and other companies. His areas of expertise include designing and implementing XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler for medium to large-sized companies. Carl is a Citrix Certified Professional for Networking (CCP-N), Mobility (CCP-M), a Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA), Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization (CCEE), and a Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization (CCE-V). You can find him on LinkedIn or connect with him on Twitter!

Jason SamuelJason Samuel. Jason, who calls Houston, Texas his home, is an Infrastructure Architect with a focus on mobility, virtualization, and cloud technologies from Citrix and others. He has designed, engineered, and supported hundreds of unique networks across multiple business sectors (mostly Fortune 500 enterprises). His primary foci are XenServer, XenDesktop, XenApp, and NetScaler, as well as XenMobile and Citrix ShareFile. A Citrix Certified Professional in many areas, Jason holds a degree from the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business and can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sacha ThometSacha Thomet. Sacha comes to the CTP program via Bern, Switzerland. A longtime Citrix systems engineer (who also happens to be an open water diving instructor!), he specializes in designing and implementing systems powered by XenApp, XenDesktop and XenServer. He’s a Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) for XenDesktop 5, XenApp 6.5, XenServer 5 and XenApp 5. He’s also a Citrix Certified Integration Architect for Virtualization (CCIA), a Citrix Certified Associate for Virtualization (CCA-V) XenDesktop 7, and a Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization (CCE-V) for XenDesktop 7.x. You can find him on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

Tobias KreidlTobias Kreidl, PhD. Dr. Kreidl makes his home in Flagstaff, Arizona. The lead on the Academic Computing Team at Northern Arizona University, he’s a seasoned IT professional with a focus on virtualization and BYOD, with heavy involvement with Citrix XenServer deployment and the incorporation of XenDesktop and XenApp services. An active member of CUGC, Tobias is a Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) for XenServer 6 and is the author of numerous scholarly papers on Citrix technologies. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and, hopefully, on Twitter very soon.

Tom GamullTom Gamull. Tom is presently a Solutions Architect based in Atlanta, Georgia at Champion Solutions Group. A presenter at Citrix Synergy 2015, he’s designed and implemented systems for numerous companies, including Ericsson and AutoTrader and has worked on several intriguing projects, such as creating virtual desktops for 24,000 students in the Greater Atlanta Area. Tom is a Citrix Certified Integration Architect for Virtualization (CCIA-V), a Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP), Citrix Certified Expert for Apps & Desktops (CCE-AD) and Virtualization (CCE-V), and a Citrix Certified Professional for Networking (CCP-N) and Mobility (CCP-M). You can find him on LinkedIn or on Twitter, using the intriguing handle @MagicalYak.

Please give them a warm welcome!

CTP Logo - Horizontal layout transparent backgroundAt the same time, please join me in recognizing 2016 CTP Award renewals:

Aaron Parker, Alex Cooper, Alex Ervik Johnsen, Andrew Morgan, Andrew Wood, Anton van Pelt, Barry Schiffer, Benny Tritsch, Carl Webster, Chris Rogers, Claudio Rodrigues, Connie Barrera, Dane Young, Daniel Wedel, Doug Brown, Esther Barthel, Gabe Knuth, Helge Klein, Jarian Gibson, Javier Sanchez Alcazar, Jim Moyle, Jo Harder, Joe Shonk, Kees Baggerman, Mike Nelson, Neil Spellings, Nico Luedemann, Paul Stansel, Remko Weijnen, Rick Dehlinger, Ruben Spruijt, Sam Jacobs, Shane Kleinert, Stephane Thirion, Steve Greenberg, Theresa Miller, Thomas Koetzing, Thomas Krampe, Thomas Poppelgaard, Thorsten Rood, Tim Mangan, Timco Hazelaar, Trond Eric Haavarstein and Wilco van Bragt.

The complete list of CTPs and their biographies are available on the CTP Awardees page.

With a limited number of seats to fill, we are privileged to have received and reviewed many strong candidates. Thanks to everyone that applied. If you were not selected during this review cycle, we encourage you to submit a new application for the 2017 CTP review cycle opening on April 5, 2016.

Again, congratulations and welcome to our 2016 class of Citrix Technology Professionals!

Perrine Crampton
Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Program Manager 

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