Citrix ShareFile is always looking for new ways to integrate with the intention of increasing the value we bring to our customers.

In today’s world, collaboration is the key to getting many tasks done. Citrix recognizes this, and that’s why many Citrix ShareFile customers are taking advantage of the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents directly from the web application through our Microsoft Office Online integration, announced earlier this year (part of Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program).

While many of you have been taking advantage of this integration, Microsoft and Citrix ShareFile have been hard at work growing and evolving the value provided to our joint customers.

In this spirit, we are pleased to announce the ability for our joint customers to co-author Office documents from within ShareFile.

Citrix ShareFile Co-Authoring

Co-authoring takes Citrix ShareFile’s collaboration tools to the next level, allowing multiple users to edit Office documents within the ShareFile web application in a single session. No more sending a file to multiple users, making sure each user is properly using check-in/ check-out or merging everyone’s changes.

Starting today, Citrix ShareFile users with a valid Microsoft Office 365 license can co-author a single document and know exactly where each user is editing the file in real time. With this, users are able to work together and help each other with the single goal of completing the document in a more productive manner.

Last year, we launched the Cloud Storage Partner Program to make it easier to work with Office documents no matter where they’re stored. The next milestone in our program is here with real-time co-authoring of Office Online documents stored on Citrix ShareFile. Our goal is to make Office documents more open and accessible, and to provide ShareFile customers greater flexibility in how they work with individuals and teams. — Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president, Microsoft Office

Today’s announcement is another step forward demonstrating how Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft are working to bring value to our joint customers. And this is just the start. Get ready to see more innovative solutions that will allow users to take advantage of both their Microsoft Office 365 license and ShareFile license.