Whether you’re transitioning from an on-prem Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment to the Citrix Cloud service, or you’re a net-new Citrix customer, you’ll want to get familiar with Citrix Director and Citrix Studio. These powerful Citrix Cloud components enable you to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service so your users enjoy a great experience and your IT team stays current on trends, issues, and capacity planning.

Tool Time

Studio and Director in Citrix Cloud are a bit different from the on-prem versions. They even have different names. Studio is the “Manage” console and Director is the “Monitor” console. Both are presented in the Citrix Cloud dashboard.

  • With the Manage console you have full control over zones, machine catalogs, delivery groups, virtual apps and desktops, and more. For example, you can see how many users are logged in to each physical or virtual machine, send messages to them, and even log them off if necessary.
  • Using the Monitor console, you can view session details, disconnect or restart sessions, and set alerts associated with company policies. You can also get reports on user login duration, number of concurrent sessions, and resource usage of specific applications and desktops.

Ask the Cloud Experts About Director and Studio

The next Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) monthly meetup, on Wednesday, July 17, will focus on both these consoles and their capabilities. Our presenter will discuss:

Following this short presentation, a panel of Citrix engineers, architects, and other technical experts will share their insights and experience in response to your questions. This live Q&A period is the core of each ACE Meetup. It’s a great forum for asking your own questions and hearing about issues raised by other participants.

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Meet Our July ACE Experts

Our presenter is Amir Trujillo, Customer Success Engineer. Amir has worked with multiple Citrix on-premises and cloud products, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix ADC, and others. He has worked with Citrix products since the early days of XenApp/XenDesktop, from both customer and consultant perspectives.

Citrix Panelists

  • Brian Jozefat, Principal Consultant — Brian has led a variety of digital workspace assessment, design, and deployment projects for up to 60,000-user environments spanning a wide range of industries (healthcare, financial, public sector, manufacturing).
  • Christopher Curatolo, Principal Escalation Engineer — Chris has been a technical leader in the Citrix Technical Support organization for the past 13 years. He has provided technical leadership for teams responsible for Xenapp and Desktop, with specific focus to the Management and Monitoring features of the product that include Provisioning Services, Machine Creation Services, and Director.
  • Angelo Saraceno, Product Manager — Angelo has been a Product Manager for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops services for the past year, focusing specifically on the Cloud consoles.

Cloud Consoles

Businesses are moving to the cloud to reduce the administrative burden on IT. However, cloud adoption doesn’t mean you give up control over your virtualization environment. Citrix Manage and Monitor consoles empower you with a wide range of capabilities.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get live answers to your pressing cloud questions from the Citrix Cloud team. Register today for the July ACE Meetup.