Failure isn’t an option. To succeed in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, you just can’t afford performance that lets your business down. You need performance that runs continuously, undisturbed 24/7/365. You also need full-time security in your network. But your business is vulnerable to risk: Natural disasters, unplanned downtime, sudden outages — even small disruptions — can do a lot of damage to customer confidence and your brand.

Most IT disaster recovery (DR) plans generally focus on protecting the data center. To maintain server availability for your business-critical apps, data, and collaboration tools, your DR plans need to protect the continuity of your network. To ensure always-on availability of your applications in your network by using the best-performing links in real time, you need a software-defined, virtual WAN — an SD-WAN to measure latency, jitter, loss, and congestion. This is key to identifying potential problems and quickly pre-empt and resolve them before they have a chance to do real damage.

If your business is considering migrating, or has already migrated, your applications to the cloud, you’ll want to meet the demand for increased connectivity across geographical boundaries and locations. Citrix SD-WAN is just the solution you need, and Microsoft Azure is the platform of choice to provide that optimal connectivity, performance, and security.

Get a Seamless Application Experience

Citrix SD-WAN on Azure automatically redirects traffic to the best available connection in the event of an outage or whenever link conditions degrade. Users accessing your apps and data won’t notice the route change during an event. SD-WAN provides an option to duplicate packets across two different links simultaneously to ensure the fastest route for loss-sensitive voice, HDX, and SCADA traffic. This duplication ensures that at least one of the two links succeeds in reaching the endpoint in the event that the other one fails.

Enable Greater Bandwidth and Visibility

As the demand for more bandwidth on the network increases with users, apps, video, SaaS, and big data for more WAN links, simply adding bandwidth to an existing link is not adequate. It won’t solve other kinds of problems like bad links or outages. Citrix SD-WAN provides the logical bonding of multiple disparate links, like MPLS, broadband, and 4G/LTE, to increase bandwidth through aggregation. This way, links remain active and available for monitoring in real time. Additionally, a dashboard that monitors for Quality of Experience displays views into HDX session quality for visibility into user experience in the branch. Customizable dashboards are also available for deeper insights into conditions and traffic.

Provide for Seamless Sub-Second Failover

Citrix SD-WAN maintains connectivity even during multiple network disruptions by continuously monitoring connections. This allows for seamless sub-second failover of traffic to the next-best WAN path. Your users will never need to restart, reconnect, or log in to virtual sessions or applications again. The SD-WAN appliance can detect immediately when connections come back online. All the rerouted traffic will seamlessly return to their restored paths.

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