Organizations are moving forward in their journey to the hybrid multi-cloud with Citrix as their partner of choice. The past year has featured a stream of innovations, and with Citrix Synergy 2019 here, we’re introducing a slew of new capabilities that will make our customers’ journey into the future of work more flexible and easier.

I’ll cover some of the highlights in this post, and we’ll share more details in subsequent blogs this week.

Accelerating the Journey to Microservices-based Applications, Service Mesh, and Istio

Microservice architecture continues to be key when it comes to modernizing applications, and Citrix is right there leading the charge with more architecture choices and open-source ecosystem expansion, including:

  • Citrix CPX as a sidecar, enabling our customers to deploy service mesh architecture for greater performance, visibility, security, and availability.
  • Istio (open-source service-mesh control plane) support for faster deployment with simplified connection, security, control, and observation of services
  • Integration with multiple open-source tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Spinnaker, Kibana, and Zipkin
  • Kubernetes ecosystem expansion with partnerships with Google Anthos and Red Hat OpenShift in addition to existing partnership with AWS and Azure.
  • Intuitive service graphs to troubleshoot microservices environments faster through enhanced visualization, insight, service health score, and anomaly detection

Bringing Choice and Simplicity to Hybrid Multi-Cloud

When it comes to building out an effective hybrid multi-cloud strategy, customers will continue to look to balance ease of deployment, performance, price, and visibility as they consider which cloud to use for each workload. And customers don’t want to be forced into disparate architectures that are difficult to maintain and manage with consistency. Citrix is innovating to enhance choice and make it easier to deploy and troubleshoot your application delivery.

  • Citrix ADC BLX: A bare metal, software form-factor application delivery controller without the overhead of a virtual machine but with operational consistency with the rest of the Citrix ADC portfolio
  • A simplified ADC pooled licensing offer that combines hardware and software both as subscription.
  • Advanced analytics: Built upon the operationally consistent approach from Citrix, across all your hybrid multi-cloud platforms, advanced analytics is a powerful analytics solution that enables faster, more intuitive troubleshooting and brings the power of machine learning along with role-based custom dashboards, web-transaction visibility, and end-to-end service graphs.
  • Citrix ADC-as-a-service starting with AWS: When ease of deployment is the priority, Citrix ADC-as-a-service gives you the simplest way to deliver ADC functionality to your applications, with consumption-based charging, autoscaling, and operational consistency with your existing ADC portfolio

Strengthened Protection for Your Applications and APIs

Applications and APIs are the most valuable and most vulnerable assets in the current application economy. As the threat landscape shifts to applications and API and expands to automated attacks from bots, there is a need to take a holistic and integrated approach to securing the applications across the whole stack. Citrix is extending its comprehensive application protection with the following innovations to strengthen your security posture.

  • Bot management built into Citrix ADC: Behavior-based bot detection with advanced device fingerprinting and signatures to mitigate attacks like password spraying, credential stuffing, and content scraping
  • API protection for microservices-based applications: Built on Citrix ADC to extend security to your cloud native applications with APIs, with advanced features including: rate limiting, authentication, authorization, content routing, and encryption.

We look forward to meeting you here at Citrix Synergy 2019.

For Citrix Investors

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