Organizations of all shapes and sizes have turned to G Suite to spur productivity, collaboration, and security. They’ve embraced the integration of tools to connect with colleagues and create and access content, as well as controls to manage users and devices. The platform’s flexibility and ease of use have made it among the most popular set of SaaS apps on the market.

While there’s no doubting the power of G Suite, integrating the apps in the suite into Citrix Workspace creates a secure productivity powerhouse for admins and end users alike. Let’s take a look at five ways delivering G Suite through Citrix Workspace will help enhance your organization’s security posture:

Provide a consistent end-user experience with SSO to all SaaS and web applications: While G Suite supports a wide range of functions, end users rely on other SaaS apps like Workday, Salesforce, or Concur to do their jobs effectively. Each one of these apps require a unique set of credentials, which can create a security risk for these organizations. Citrix Workspace can help secure your organization with single sign-on (SSO) to all of your SaaS apps, including G Suite. End users love the secure, simplified access to all the apps they need to stay productive with only one set of credentials, while IT admins love the security benefits.

Granular authentication reduces probability of unauthorized access: While SSO provides the first line of defense against weak or ineffective passwords, many organizations want an added layer of defense. Citrix Workspace can provide native, multi-factor authentication to protect users and corporate data. This second factor of authentication can be provided using Google Authenticator or the Citrix SSO app. Earlier this year, Citrix announced the release of time-based, one-time passwords as a second factor of authentication into Citrix Workspace. Google Authenticator may also be used as the source of the time-based code for access into Citrix Workspace. This added layer of security helps protect the business-critical data that your organization stores in G Suite when accessed through Citrix Workspace.

Provide stricter rules for data governance in SaaS applications: While IT loves the flexibility, scalability, and ease of use that SaaS apps like G Suite provide, the ability to restrict certain actions in those apps is always high on their wish list. When delivered through Citrix Workspace, IT can now have an added set of controls over user actions in G Suite. For example, organizations can create policies to control or restrict printing, downloading, and copy and paste of documents stored in Google Drive. Additionally, dynamic watermarking prevents unauthorized sharing of documents by discouraging screen shots.

Improve user and device security, provide compliance, and prevent access to malicious content on the internet: There’s one thing we know about malicious parties trying to steal our data: They’re constantly adapting. While Gmail does an excellent job identifying and filtering spam and phishing emails, malicious parties may still slip an email through with a new technique undiscovered by security pros. Citrix Workspace provides an added line of defense against phishing attacks and malware through web filtering and a secure browser. Web filtering can prevent users from reaching malicious websites through URL blacklisting. Additionally, if a user clicks a link in the email to access an unknown website that will infect them with malware, you’ll be protected. IT can redirect the user session to a secure, cloud-based browser hosted by Citrix, ensuring the malware never hits your network.

Provide intelligent analytics for proactively identifying threats and risky user behavior: Organizations everywhere are taking measures to enhance their security posture. Unfortunately, the resources allocated to IT to combat them aren’t always proportional with the number of new threats. Citrix helps close that resource gap through security-focused machine learning and automation. Citrix Analytics will learn typical end-user behavior within G Suite and take automated action to protect your organization when risky behavior is exhibited. Consider a VP of sales in your organization. Citrix Analytics can learn that she typically accesses Google Drive to download five documents and share three others on a normal work day. But if she downloads 500 documents over the course of a few minutes, Citrix Analytics can detect this anomalous behavior and take automated action, like an account lockout or session recording.

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