Hybrid and multi-cloud are the new norm for digital transformation. Most chief digital officers and CIOs are already deep into their cloud-transformation journey as they work through a long-term digital-transformation strategy. If you’re attending Citrix Synergy 2019, we have some great sessions that will help you on your journey.

The Customer Journey to Hybrid Cloud with Citrix ADC

At Citrix, we’ve seen customers move from on-premises to a hybrid multi-cloud model for better end-user experience, improved response time, higher app availability and scalability, better cost, and compliance. Take Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack for example. They create a consistent hybrid-cloud solution for enterprises so users have the same experience on and off premises. Today we more than five key public cloud infrastructure providers, each with their own specialties. An enterprise could have several reasons for mandating a multi-cloud solution including:

  • Access best-of-breed technologies
  • Avoid lock-in
  • Ensure deployment flexibility
  • Local data store for compliance
  • Performance with local infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery across cloud
  • Reliability and attack protection
  • Cost advantage and lower total cost of ownership

When building a hybrid, multi-cloud app delivery strategy, Citrix ADC can help you deliver the best application experience across any network or cloud while keeping apps and APIs secure and achieving automation and visibility across environments. Find out how Yahoo Japan uses Citrix ADC to deliver supreme performance to its customers at SYN114: Simplify the transition to hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with Citrix ADC.

Hybrid Cloud and Secure App and Workspace Delivery

Any organization with a public-facing app needs to protect their assets and reduce risk. Applications and APIs face risk from attacks like DDoS and DNS, as well as attacks on app logic. The newest attack vector against apps and APIs is bots, which can require IT to invest more resources to process the non-human/non-customer requests on their infrastructure.

Citrix offers a comprehensive solution as part of Citrix ADC that include Intelligent Traffic Management for DR and DDoS protections, as well as better price/performance SSL. In addition, Citrix Web App Firewall protects against OWASP’s Top 10 attacks as well as new CVEs announced on various application stacks. As part of the premium package, Citrix will also offer bot management solutions, including behavior-based detection.

Citrix also enables customers to consolidate their API gateways into the Citrix deployment. Functions like API authentication, API rate limiting, and content routing can easily be configured on Citrix ADC to secure APIs.

Check out SYN115: Secure app and workspace delivery in a hybrid multi-cloud world. The success of your hybrid-cloud deployment depends on the effectiveness of your networking and security strategy and how you manage complexity. In this session, we will teach you top use cases and real-world security architectural considerations to optimize and secure your apps, data, and workspaces.

Learn about Citrix Application Delivery Management

Citrix Application Delivery Management is a centralized network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. It provides a single platform to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot Citrix Networking platforms deployed on premises or in the cloud.

Learn more in SYN222: Deploying Application Delivery Management for the enterprise and troubleshooting common issues. This session will help you master key deployment best practices for Citrix ADM with high availability and disaster recovery and will show you how to quickly diagnose and address the no-data error using the No Data diagnostic utility. You will leave this session with the expertise needed to deploy Citrix ADM according to enterprise requirements and troubleshoot the most common challenges efficiently.

Additional Citrix ADC and Citrix Application Delivery Controller sessions at Synergy

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SYN717Cool things you didn’t know were possible with Citrix ADC for private cloud, bare metal and other platforms

And if you’re looking for a well-rounded overview of what we’ve been working on in Citrix Networking, don’t miss SYN121: What’s new in Citrix Networking.