When it comes to user experience management, it can get complicated. Employees in the finance department might have very different application and configuration needs from the sales department, not to mention compliance and other critical requirements. IT administrators need to implement those highly customized configuration sets while considering the robustness and scalability of the back-end infrastructures. They need a powerful tool that can help them deliver the personalization and choice their users need with the capabilities required to manage a complex technology environment.

Enter Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service.

Citrix WEM service helps IT organizations easily manage the user experience for their digital workspace. Here are three important reasons why you should consider WEM:

1. Context and transparency

The keys to an excellent user experience management solution are context and transparency. When we designed the WEM solution, context and transparency were core requirements for all our feature-design work. We focused on making the configurations transparent to end users, while providing a visualized configuration console and fully optimized context control to the IT administrators.

We defined the context via “Actions,” “Filters,” and “Assignments” mapping. For example, in the Actions tab, we categorized various Windows configurations. They are mapped from the objects IT admin can see day to day when using the Windows system. The Filters and Assignments tabs are the engine to define context. You can use many tags such as operating system type, IP address range, or even active directory attributes to determine how settings need to be applied. Mapping empowers you to provide an excellent user experience for any use case.

WEM also uses machine-learning technology to determine your CPU/memory status and enable continuous optimization in the background that improves application-delivery time and enhances the user experience. WEM can provide you with up to 70 percent more server scalability to ensure your servers are running as efficiently as possible.

2. Elimination of Complexity

IT teams strive to achieve nearly zero downtime for their organizations. This requires them to build deep knowledge of all tools they use, which takes time. The WEM service removes all backend complexity, helping IT administrators focus on their use cases and on implementing solutions that address business priorities.

The WEM service is committed to providing the same Service Level Agreement level as Citrix Cloud. There are many advanced technologies and tools we use to ensure SLA requirement for the service.

WEM has a built-in load balancing service in Azure that helps with routing customer traffic to backend infrastructure service securely. We also built auto scale capability into every aspect of the service. For example, the cloud infrastructure service is already a multi-tenant service and can auto scale depending on service agent traffic. When you want to expand your deployment, there’s no need to consider backend service anymore. Load balancing service and auto-scale capability can help you fix most of the complexity.

When designing the service, we kept asking ourselves “what if,” in the context of how we can prevent disasters from happening. We have incorporated a redundant caching mechanism from day one, ensuring that even if the entire service backend goes down, the WEM agent can still work on its own and the end user has no downtime.

However, caching is not enough. When we moved to cloud, we understood that stability and reliability are the most important things to IT. We spent several months improving service resilience and added monitoring and automation enhancements to help customers keep their systems running at peak performance. We even extended the auto-scale capabilities to the Azure database service level. That ensures that if more customers on-board to the WEM service, the service operation team could auto scale WEM service itself.

3. Total Commitment from Citrix

We are fully committed to enhancing the WEM service and to continuing to provide a simplified user experience management solution for Citrix Workspace. The cloud transformation enables us to push new features much faster than ever. It was built on top of several improvements to our internal product and engineering organization, and we’re now running in a fully powered agile framework.

The WEM service is laser focused on simplicity. It provides a context-based policy configuration that enables IT administrators to control the user experience, yet remains flexible and transparent for the end user. Citrix managed service removes the need to plan the backend infrastructure, so IT administrators can fully focus on the business use case. You can expect even more great capabilities from the WEM service that will help make your IT life easier.

Check out our WEM product documentation for more insights into the service’s capabilities. And enjoy the simplified IT life with WEM service!