As we continue our series of Customer Success Insights blogs, we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to expand the footprint of our popular Technology in Practice (TIPs) platform. Our Enterprise Architects will certainly continue to deliver these interactive webinar events; but, better yet, we’ll be extending the team to share leading practices and experiences throughout all of our Customer Success Services.

Over the coming weeks, our updated and renamed Customer Success TIPs channel will include practical, actionable guidance from a wider range of experts, in a broader variety of formats — from blog posts to how-to videos. You’ll benefit from the experience of top specialists in Consulting, Education, Technical Support, and Customer Success Management.

To inaugurate the Customer Success TIPs resource, next week we’re presenting a miniseries on the top 10 findings from Citrix Consulting security assessments. As I mentioned in a previous post, these articles will cover leading practices and lessons learned from actual engagements that you, our customers, should consider adopting to make your Citrix infrastructure as secure as possible.

Our authors, Ryan McClure and Eric Beiers, are senior members of the Citrix Consulting Security Practice with extensive field experience spanning different geographies, industry sectors, and regulatory requirements. In addition to describing recurring security issues, they’ll provide checklists and recommendations to help you begin improving the security posture of your current or upcoming Citrix deployment.

Findings they will discuss include:

  • Reducing the attack surface
  • Embracing the benefits of segmentation
  • Protecting of secrets
  • Controlling the escalation of privilege

Our goal for expanding the Customer Success TIPs program is to enhance your knowledge by presenting technical expertise on many different topics — all in one place. I invite you to check out the upcoming security assessment series and learn about proven ways to safeguard your Citrix solutions. Additionally, if there is a particular topic that you would like our team to cover in an upcoming post, let us know in the comments below.

— Hector Lima, SVP – Worldwide Customer Success