Summer 2018 brought the release of the newest Citrix certification, the Citrix Certified Expert-Networking. A key step in preparing for this top-tier certification is the new Citrix course CNS-420: Citrix Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration.

As a Networking CCI (Citrix Certified Instructor) for the past five years, I couldn’t be happier that Networking finally has a comparable certification stack to the flagship Virtualization product line. Better yet, this new CNS-420 course looks to fill in gaps in the curriculum that will prove to be extremely valuable for the Networking professional. Features such as Planning, nFactor, and NITRO are but a few of the topics now covered in the official Citrix curriculum.

As a father, one of my greatest joys in life is the “Dad-ism,” a variant of the now-popular “Dad joke.” “Dad-isms” impart life advice in a fun but memorable way. Over the years I have used these to great effect with my own children, who can now finish these sentences for me. Let me share a few of them, with the hope that you will be motivated to attend a CNS-420 class:

  1. “If you ask the wrong questions, you never get the right answers.” This course explains the methodology used by Citrix Consulting Services, and gives you the same questions they ask when performing an initial assessment. Starting out on the right foot keeps you from being left behind and well off the wrong path.
  2. “Do it right, or do it twice.” In my 25+ years of technical training, the number one comment I have heard from students is, “I wish I had this class a few months ago.” This course addresses that gap by showing the depth of key features such as multi-factor authentication, endpoint analysis, ICA proxy, RDP proxy, Web App Firewall, automation, and orchestration. Knowing what features are available, and the leading practices for their implementation, will save countless hours down the road.
  3. “The cover-up is worse than the screw-up.” True, but what if the screw-up never happened in the first place? What if you knew exactly what you were doing right from the get-go? This class pulls it all together through lab exercises designed to not merely repeat a bunch of steps, but rather engage the scenario and think about whether a certain configuration actually delivers the business objective. If it doesn’t, you have the opportunity to correct it. Further, by playing with features in a depth not covered anywhere else, you will be able to further explore the limits of these features. And with a look at the NITRO API, well, the sky is the limit!

I could go on (as most dads do), but I think I’ve made my point: This class is a must-take for the serious Citrix Networking professional.

Citrix is also pleased to offer all current CCP-N certification holders the opportunity to recertify their CCP-N AND obtain their CCE-N AND CCA-N certifications by completing the CNS-420 instructor-led training by December 31, 2018 and will not be required to take or pass the associated exam.

For more information on this opportunity, contact a Citrix Education representative now!

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon!

Khalaf Haddad, NH Learning Solutions

Khalaf has been connecting students with the information they need to succeed in the workplace since 1992. He enjoys the student interaction in the classroom, and is always looking for ways to improve the online or virtual learning experience to make everyone feel more “connected and comfortable.” He believes that the greatest benefit to training is in the side interactions between students: “The networking opportunities between peers are a key benefit of technical training.”

Khalaf brings a deep concern to the classroom for connecting technology to the business need. By using non-technical explanations for complex concepts, Khalaf gives his students a way to explain the concepts to their supervisors upon returning to their respective workplaces: “I try to explain the hard stuff in a way that my children would understand.” As one student said, “Khalaf is an excellent instructor. He did a good job facilitating the discussions, presenting alternatives, drawing students out. He is knowledgeable, taught the other instructors things they didn’t know and had a very pleasant manner, even with difficult people.”

Fun Fact About Khalaf: His love of travel has taken him to a variety of locations to teach, ranging from the relative comfort of the office buildings in the United States to military outposts in Kuwait, Korea, Djibouti and Afghanistan. Having taught in six different countries spanning three continents (as well as 33 of the 50 United States), Khalaf is keenly aware of cross-cultural issues. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.