Getting in shape is easier when you have a coach.

Whether your goal is washboard abs or weight loss, it’s a good idea to get help from a personal trainer – especially if you’re new to the process.

A personal trainer will tailor a workout plan to your specific needs and help you stick with the program by offering encouragement, guidance, and practical tips. This expert can boost your chances of success compared to going it alone.

Specific benefits include:

  • Achieving faster and better results
  • Reducing the chance of injury
  • Overcoming plateaus
  • Establishing a lifetime exercise habit

Beyond the gym

But what if the target of the improvement program is your IT environment? Say you want to move from an on-premises Citrix infrastructure to the cloud to increase scalability and flexibility, cut costs, and support business continuity.

There’s just one problem: your IT team isn’t trained or experienced in Citrix Cloud technology.

This is where a cloud coach can make all the difference.

Citrix Cloud Success

To help customers succeed with cloud, Citrix offers a complimentary program that features our version of a personal trainer: the Cloud Success Manager (CSM).

Whether you are migrating from an on-premises Citrix environment or are a brand-new customer, you will be assigned a dedicated CSM to help you throughout the journey to Citrix Cloud. This journey extends from initial project planning through end-user rollout – and beyond!

As your dedicated personal trainer for cloud, the CSM will:

  • Design a tailored plan for your specific needs and requirements
  • Share leading practices, resources, and guidance on cloud technologies
  • Help maximize end-user adoption and achieve business and IT milestones
  • Apply analytics and metrics to evaluate outcomes and make sure you stay on track
  • Suggest ways to optimize the value of Citrix Cloud, such as adding new use cases and adopting new product features

Back to the bench

Earlier, we cited a few of the top benefits of personal training for health and fitness. A Cloud Success Manager will deliver similar benefits for your new cloud environment:

  • Faster time to value and broader adoption of your Citrix Cloud services
  • Reduced chance of rework and support issues
  • Accountability for establishing, measuring, and attaining cloud goals
  • Creation of cloud competency within your IT organization

Be sure to take advantage of the Cloud Success program – offered at no cost to your organization. It’s your path to a healthy cloud environment, so check out the infographic here!

To learn more about how our team can support your cloud journey, talk to your Citrix representative or email us at