What is business alignment? Well, like a front-end alignment on your car, if the wheels are pointed in the same direction at all times, everyone moves forward with ease. But of course, the marketplace has its twists and turns. Occasionally, potholes or obstacles can throw things out of alignment leading to increased friction and lost efficiency. And without a clear commitment to alignment, eventually some moving parts can get stressed.

Clearly, business alignment is not a one-and-done deal. It’s something to pay attention to along the journey to make adjustments for a smoother ride.

Citrix believes that a key to success in delivering innovation is strong business alignment with our partner ecosystem. One of the ways we do this is through our annual Citrix Summit event, which is an excellent opportunity to build the relationships that support business alignment.

What Does Business Alignment Look Like?

Shared Values
Business alignment starts with shared values. While we can point to innovation, business growth and profits as shared values, it goes deeper.

Authentic Relationships
The depth of shared values is revealed through authentic relationships. That is, actually knowing each other and looking out for each other’s best interests.

We’ve found a great mutual respect between our Burwood engineers and Citrix engineers. The Citrix team really respects and appreciates the level of technical depth that our consultants bring to every engagement. — Colleen Barry (@colleenkbarry), Director, Marketing, Burwood (@burwoodgroup)

Constant Collaboration
A key to building authentic relationships is constant collaboration — working together every day to understand the future of work and the evolving needs of the marketplace to stay at the front edge of innovation and value.

Our relationship with Citrix is really like hand-in-glove. We’re almost perfectly aligned. Envision has always said that the business should drive the technology direction, and not technology manufacturers dictating it to their customers, and Citrix supports us in that. — Nancy Pautsch, Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President), EnvisionIT (@envisionitllc)

Consistent Communication

Constant collaboration is fueled by consistent communication. Updates, trends, solutions and opportunities all happen in real time. Consistent communication keeps us pointed in the same direction as we mutually navigate our way to opportunities for growth and service.

See how some of our partners have found success through business alignment:

How Can You Achieve Better Alignment?

While we can collaborate and communicate remotely to build relationships and shared values, nothing beats an in-person smile, handshake, shared coffee and a spontaneous discussion on current customer use cases and opportunities. Citrix Summit 2019 is your best path to business alignment. At Summit, you’ll personally meet Citrix executives and experts who share your desire for success and technology leadership. You’ll have meaningful discussions on business strategy and marketing, and dig deep for technical knowledge. And you’ll be among the first to hear about emerging trends and technology that can impact your success while developing your skills and expertise.

You can also take a free certification exam. Citrix certifications are recognized as one of the most valuable IT certifications in the industry, and you’ll have access to the exam of your choice during the conference, a savings of up to $300.

For a smoother ride on an ever-changing landscape, register for Summit 2019. It’s one of the best ways to get the most out of your Citrix partnership, and for us to achieve optimal business alignment.

Register for Summit 2019 now.

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