Today, administrators can see the total time spent on GPO-CSEs (Client Side Extensions) execution when a user launches a session. This is represented as the GPO duration in the logon duration graph in Session Details page of Citrix Director. But in case this duration is high, there is no further information available via.  Citrix Director console to check which policy took more time or which policy failed to apply.

Starting with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 1808 and with Virtual Apps and Desktop service going forward, the policy level breakup for GPO processing time will be shown in the logon duration graph on hovering over the GPO bar.

Hover over the GPO bar to see the GPO breakdown in the tooltip. The tooltip shows the processing time of the first three CSEs (Client Side Extensions). Client Side extensions processes the GPO and its processing time is shown. To see the detailed drilldown click on the Detailed Drilldown text in the tooltip. A dialog box appears showing all the CSEs which executed and which GPOs they processed and if any error or warning was thrown while processing the GPOs.

In the dialog box, which opens one, can check which all CSEs executed and how much time was taken by each of them. In addition, the execution status displays whether it passed, or some warnings occurred during its execution or some error occurred. Using these insights received from the dialog box, the administrator can take further steps to optimize the GPO processing time. The contents of the table in the dialog box can be copied to clipboard using “Copy Table” button. The “copy table” functionality can be used for copying the contents to mail or saving the data for future reference.