Citrix App Layering 4.11 has shipped and is now available

Citrix Synergy 2018 was a HUGE success for Citrix App Layering!

  • With jam-packed hands-on labs, sessions covering technical deep dives, best practices, fireside chats, and more, it was great to be able to offer our customers so much focus on App Layering at Synergy this year.
  • The Best Practices session was the third most highly attended session for all of Synergy. Q&A filled the hallways afterwards.
  • The App Layering booth was brimming with folks during all open Expo Hall hours.
  • Additionally, 32 individual customer meetings were held, providing a tremendous opportunity for feedback.

So, what did we learn?

One of the key areas we need to focus on is providing more education around App Layering, specifically training, best practice information, and enhanced product documentation.

Additionally, key product areas that we need to continue to cover are performance, troubleshooting, usability, and automation. We received lots of questions about Azure support, solving the Office 365 performance issues with our Office 365 User Layer, and ways to improve the speed of App Layering operations.

We have been listening to your requests and have been working hard to incorporate your feedback, much of which is addressed in our latest release. More is on the way, and we look forward to hearing from you so we can continue to ensure our roadmap plans meet the needs of our customers!

Here’s what’s new in Citrix App Layering 4.11:

Store Apps: Support for Windows 10 store apps is now here!

Enhanced Azure support: Our Azure connector supports both session as well as desktops – you can now publish a Layered Image for Windows 10 and MCS in Azure!

Japanese OS: Opening up new markets! Support for Japanese OS. Now you can create Images for use with Japanese Operating System.

Office 365: The Office 365 User Layer is now supported for Session environments. The Office 365 User Layer provides a more performant experience when using Office 365. Large Outlook files will no longer be transferred to desktops, which improves login times.

Improved Connector Management: With this release it is much easier to manage and use App Layering Connectors when creating Layers and publishing Layered Images. Connectors enable you to automate the publishing of Images for use in your target environments, either on-premises or cloud.

Now there is a separate location within the App Layering Management Console to manage Connectors

Performance Guidance: For increased performance of Layer Packaging and Creation we recommend that copies of boot disks and packaging disks are kept and reused for additional packaging and layer creation operations. This cache can be set in the connectors, and we will report on the effectiveness in the new connector management UI. Please set this cache!

As always, I love to talk to our customers about their use cases and needs. Feel free to drop me a line.

Andrea Abernathy
App Layering Product Management