We’ve come a long way since announcing the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance Program in collaboration with our strategic alliance platform partners. We have delivered fully-integrated and fully-supported hybrid cloud app virtualization and VDI solutions that make it even easier to get up and running with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. We’ve gotten early, positive customer feedback.

Today, I am excited to welcome our newest partner to the program — StorMagic. They join Dell, Flexxible IT, and Nutanix in delivering hyper-converged solutions that leverage Citrix Cloud and are simple to deploy, easy to manage, and eliminate the “vTax” from our friends at VMware.

Here’s the lowdown on the program, the solutions created, and an update on our journey toward Citrix Cloud.

While Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions help reduce complexity and cost at the hardware and storage layers, they still require a high degree of expertise to stand up the app and desktop delivery layer that sits on top of the HCI platform. To address this challenge, we’ve been working closely with our partners to develop automated integrations with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. Our goal is to help customers accelerate the pace and success of deploying turnkey hybrid cloud virtual apps and desktops.

Moreover, these Citrix Ready verified appliances eliminate the configuration challenges, including software and hardware compatibility. You can connect the appliance to Citrix Cloud and quickly deliver virtual desktops and apps. In addition, you have the flexibility to keep the apps and data on-prem while the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service is delivered via Citrix Cloud.

In our latest collaboration on this program, we are proud to bring in StorMagic to the fold. Check out what these appliances are capable of doing. Let me start with the newest edition!

StorMagic: Newest Partner in the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance Program

StorMagic’s direct connectivity to Citrix Cloud is designed specifically for Citrix Workspace service. The solution enables a direct connection between Citrix Cloud and any user location to simplify the process of deploying and managing applications, desktops, data and devices needed for edge computing environments. In addition, StorMagic has worked closely with us to ensure that the connection to the Citrix Cloud is automated and the Citrix workloads are installed and manageable from the Citrix Cloud with minimal effort. This automated connection to Citrix Cloud is now available globally utlizing StorMagic’s SvSAN software and validated server platforms.

Use Case Solution: A Hybrid Cloud Edge Appliance for Citrix Cloud

In addition, StorMagic is announcing general availability of an edge appliance specifically designed for Citrix Workspace Service. In partnership with Cisco, the solution combines Cisco Integrated Service Routers (ISR 4000s) with UCS E-Series. The complete solution is only 2U in size and includes all the compute, networking, storage and Citrix application support that a small location will require. This is highly suited for remote or branch office scenarios providing connectivity to Citrix Cloud and automated management of Citrix Workspaces in a distributed architecture. The key highlight being efficient deployment at remote sites that require virtualized user desktops or remote access management capabilities to run on premise and not centralized to a data center or cloud service. In addition, it is noteworthy that this is the first edge appliance for Citrix and the first Integrated Services Router where Citrix would be embedded!

You can also check out the other partner appliances by Flexxible IT, Nutanix, and Dell EMC here.

For more details on this solution and its use cases, come by the StorMagic booth 503 at Citrix Synergy 2018