The XenMobile Migration Service — for existing on-prem customers— is now available and we’re asking you to team up with us! You don’t need to go it alone. Let us provide you with the technical and financial resources necessary to make your cloud transition a complete success.

While most of our on-prem customers have a cloud strategy in place for UEM, many of them would like to get there — faster and cheaper — without any requirements for device re-enrollment.

The new XenMobile Migration Service aims at removing all the barriers and hurdles that are holding you back.

  • “Moving my deployment to the cloud is going to be too expensive.” Fear not! For a limited time, Citrix is offering transitional pricing with has much as 55% off of SRP — even before ELA discounts are applied!
  • “I’ve got a small IT staff and/or a complicate environment. I don’t want to screw it up.” With a new XenMobile Service subscription, Citrix will provide you with dedicated resources to facilitate a smooth transition. Our plan is to make the basic migration services FREE to most of our customers. If your migration is not entirely covered under the basic services, we have Advanced Services available through Citrix Consulting Services.  Please contact your local account team on these available offerings.
  • “OK. You’ve got my attention. How exactly is this going to work?” Contact your local Citrix Salesperson/SE or Citrix Partner. Let them know you’re interested in taking advantage of our special programs to move your XenMobile deployment to the cloud. The salesperson or someone from our Rapid Deployment Team will then walk you through the prerequisites. They will also let you know if your environment requires any “Advanced Services.” Below is a listing of the roles and responsibilities as you’ll progress through the migration process.

  • “Will there be any downtime? Will users be offline?” No. That’s the best part. Using this service, we essentially cut and paste your current XenMobile Server configuration, make the DNS changes and flip the switch. This “flipping of the switch” also allows you to test out the new environment with a small number of users before the comprehensive cutover. The entire process will be transparent to your end users. No re-enrollment required.

Contact your local salesperson today for your free assessment. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to migrate your XenMobile UEM deployment to the cloud at a fraction of the cost.