A recent study from industry analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that “71 percent of organizations would sacrifice productivity for improved security.” This finding led me to ask one question: Why the tradeoff?

Having spent the past 18 months traveling the globe to meet with Citrix customers, it is clear that it is possible to give employees access to the apps and content they need to be productive without sacrificing security or performance. For proof, look no further than McWane, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of iron waterworks and plumbing products.

The Alabama-based company has a distributed, mobile workforce spread across manufacturing sites and other locations across North America. McWane’s workers need reliable access to apps and content in a host of different environments — from the shop floor to remote job sites — using myriad different devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets.

In our second customer success story in the Citrix 100 Days of Customers video series, McWane Systems Engineer Omar Badwan shares how his team is tapping Citrix virtualization, mobility, and networking products to deliver high-performing apps and content to any employee device in any location, without sacrificing security.

[1] Source: ESG Brief: The Challenge of Delivering Secure Workstations, May 2017