Check out the “Final 10” in the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video contest and vote for your favorite ones!

We have received fantastic videos from Citrix Ready partners and I can’t help but vote for all. Here’s a list of partners who made it to the Final Ten.

It is wonderful to see such creative videos being submitted. Whether it’s the power of easy collaboration, accessibility to visually challenged individuals or high-powered GPUs, our partners have helped deliver tremendous value to customers. And, we are proud of our association with them!

As we take the contest to next level, we’d like to open it up for voting. There are some amazing stories portrayed through these videos. I encourage you to take a look. And, don’t forget to vote for your favorite ones.

1) Avanite Ltd.

A standard Citrix UPM user browses the web. Unbeknown to the user, when accessing a web page there are several unexpected cookies and unwanted data that is downloaded to the machine, left unmanaged, this data causes the user experience to quickly degrade. WebData Control complements Citrix profile solutions and quickly manages this web data for your users.

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2) CerCis Consulting

Plan A2Z Software™ turns data into insight, which in turn allows you to facilitate and create an environment for success. Plan A2Z is an integrated database solution for your business. Our software was designed specifically for the developer building infrastructure projects with large geographic footprints like telecommunications, renewable energy, and electric vehicle charging stations.

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3) Cisco

This video was a joint submission from Cisco-Citrix on Tiger Resort-Okada Manila, a joint customer that is making use of our Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler solution. Tiger Resort-Okada Manila was a finalist for Citrix Innovation Award

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4) Dolphin Computer Access

Providing network access to staff with sight problems can be challenging, which is why SuperNova Enterprise, combined with Citrix XenApp, enables you to manage multiple requirements centrally, and deploy visual accessibility across your entire network.

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5) Ncomputing

In partnership with Citrix, we introduce the RX-HDX thin client, powered by Raspberry Pi, with central device management, dual display capabilities, ethernet and wifi, broad USB support and Skype for Business optimization.

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Watch how NVIDIA and Citrix come together to deliver a brilliant user experience, cost effectively for all use cases, including apps, desktops, and workstations.

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7) Pure Storage

Healthcare organizations are looking to IT modernization to deliver on improved patient care and clinician productivity. Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) is one method, however, many are faced with concerns over security, cost, and overall end-user experience. Traditional infrastructure particularly storage has been an inhibitor for many willing to deploy VDI within their organization. Citrix and Pure Storage together have the solution to break the barriers and deliver superior performance, management simplicity for IT, and overall lower cost for budget constraint-healthcare organizations.

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8) Stratodesk

Watch “Agent X” save the Metropolitan Hospital by exchanging their old, outdated and insecure hardware with Citrix Ready HDX Pis. With these powerful pieces of hardware, supercharged with NoTouch OS and managed with a centralized management solution your organization can be saved, too.

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9) Workstreme

Information Workflow Management SaaS cloud solution.

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10) 10Zig Technology

The 10ZiG 5848qc is verified HDX 3D Pro and supports RTOP for Skype for Business. With a 2GHz Quad Core processor, Dual DVI or Dual DisplayPort, this device is perfect for high-performance XenApp & XenDesktop use cases such as 1080p video, 3D, CAD (NVIDIA GRID). The 4448c is verified HDX Premium and is a perfect device for task or knowledge-based workers. Offering a 1.33GHz Dual-Core processor and Dual DVI as standard, the 4448c offers a great alternative to the 5848qc for less intensive application requirements.

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