Is Citrix using its own products the way that our customers are? Of course! Are we using NetScaler SD-WAN to build an enterprise WAN with only Internet links? Yes, we are! Did Citrix IT have reservations deploying newer technologies like SD-WAN? Yes, but apprehensions were addressed by positive results.

Citrix deployed NetScaler SD-WAN as a potential MPLS replacement and preferred technology over DMVPN. NetScaler SD-WAN has proven its worth in a recent internal deployment for one of its Global Contact Centers. This facility is comprised of Support Engineers handling over 3000 calls a month. The branch requires continuous and excellent connectivity to fully assist with Citrix customer and partner issues.

Providing Increased Application Performance

NetScaler SD-WAN enabled Citrix to leverage all the available Internet links at the same time to provide higher bandwidth depending on demand. It enabled Support Engineers in the branch to improve application performance with applications link Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by applying extra bandwidth as needed.

Outage tolerance

NetScaler SD-WAN averted an outage situation by maintaining excellent datacenter to branch connectivity even when one of the two Internet links was experiencing an issue. Support Engineers were able to perform their task just like any other day without any issues. The problem is essentially transparent to any users.

Value of Investment

Citrix was able to maximize its investment for the purchased Internet links by using them simultaneously instead of previous active-passive configuration. NetScaler SD-WAN benefits like link aggregation and sub-second response to network changes are instantly available without complex configuration. And Citrix saved on costs by leveraging all available bandwidth, decreasing the cost of bandwidth and postponing the need to purchase larger links.

Want to know more about Citrix internal deployment journey with NetScaler SD-WAN and the configuration use to ensure high reliability and quality over an all Internet WAN? It is documented in this White Paper.

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