Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with my old friend Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft, and have a little “Lunch Break” on his YouTube video series by the same name.

It has been a real bonus for me to get to work with Brad again on the Microsoft and Citrix partnership. Brad and I worked together in the Cloud and Enterprise Division at Microsoft and I’m thrilled to see the collaboration continue as we have both embraced new opportunities for our respective companies. In fact, I even had the opportunity to welcome Brad to the main stage at Citrix Synergy this year to highlight what we’ve been up to. To catch up on just how far the Microsoft and Citrix relationship has come, read on here.

In the clip below, the first of a two-part series, we discuss the Microsoft-Citrix relationship and what makes a partnership like ours successful over the long term. Particularly in an era of ‘evolving clouds’ the progress made between the two companies has brought enormous benefit to our joint customers and we’re confident that Citrix and Microsoft will continue to meet organizations wherever they are on their great cloud migration and beyond.

The collaborative work that we are doing to support the work anytime/anywhere modern workplace is really exciting to me. Maybe not quite as exciting as some of the other topics you’ll hear us discuss in this clip, like gator farms, but definitely exciting nonetheless. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video now!

And, just like the amount of great stuff going on between the two companies, so too was the amount of content we had to share on Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break. Make sure you also check out episode 2, where we wrap up our conversation on Cloud while discussing how the skyrocketing power of mobile devices are changing how we work forever.