The dynamic version of the Reference Architecture for CSPs is live!

At the beginning of the quarter, we released two versions of the CSP Reference Architecture. (Log into SalesIQ and click the links below to access.)

On the roadmap we shared, we promised a dynamic version of the architecture, built out with reference documents and supporting resources accessible at the click of a button. The wait is over! You now have the ability to:

  • Click on each section of the Reference Architecture to reveal supporting resources and documents relevant to that particular section
  • Provide a star-rating for documents or leave a comment, letting us know how that document was useful for you. This information will be used in future content creation
  • Get the info you need, when you need it, without a timely or disappointing search.

All linked collateral was provided by our CSP SE team.

Check out the screen shots below:



Access the new Reference Architecture for Citrix Service Providers on SalesIQ and be sure to reach out to with any questions and to provide feedback on how we can better support you!


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