Are you wondering which versions of Director, Delivery Controller, or VDA are required for specific Director features to be available and work as expected? Here is a version matrix that helps you put the pieces together.

Why do you need this?
The features available in a specific version of Director require matching versions of the Controller and the VDAs. In this matrix, we have come up with the minimum versions of Controller and VDA. Do you want to know more about the Director features? Click the feature name link in the table to see the corresponding documentation in Citrix docs.

Director Version Features Dependency
(Min Version required)
7.18 Application Probing DC 7.18 Platinum
Built-In Alert Policies DC 7.18 Platinum
Health Assistant Link None All
Interactive Session drill-down None All
7.17 PIV smart card authentication None All
7.16 Application Analytics DC 7.16 || VDA 7.15 All
OData API V.4 DC 7.16 All
Shadow Linux VDA users VDA 7.16 All
Domain local group support None All
Machine console access DC 7.16 All
 7.15 Application Failure Monitoring DC 7.15 || VDA 7.15 All
7.14 Application-centric troubleshooting DC 7.13 || VDA 7.13 All
Disk Monitoring DC 7.14 || VDA 7.14 All
GPU Monitoring DC 7.14 || VDA 7.14 All
7.13 Application-centric troubleshooting DC 7.13 || VDA 7.13 Platinum
Transport protocol on Session Details panel DC 7.x || VDA 7.13 All
7.12 User-friendly Connection and Machine failure descriptions DC 7.12 || VDA 7.x All
Increased historical data availability in Enterprise edition Enterprise
Custom Reporting Platinum
Automate Director notifications with SNMP traps Platinum
7.11 Resource utilization reporting DC 7.11 || VDA 7.11 All
Alerting extended for CPU, Memory and ICA RTT conditions DC 7.11 || VDA 7.11 Platinum
Export report improvements DC 7.11 || VDA 7.x All
Automate Director notifications with Citrix Octoblu DC 7.11 || VDA 7.x Platinum
Integration with NetScaler MAS DC 7.11 || VDA 7.x
MAS version 11.1 Build 49.16
7.9 Logon Duration Breakdown  DC 7.9 || VDA 7.x All
7.7 Proactive monitoring and alerting DC 7.7 || VDA 7.x Platinum
SCOM integration DC 7.7 || VDA 7.x || SCOM 2012 R2 || PowerShell 3.0 or higher* Platinum
Windows Authentication Integration DC 7.x || VDA 7.x All
Desktop and Server OS Usage DC 7.7 || VDA 7.x Platinum

* Director and SCOM server must have the same PowerShell version

Additional info
We are keeping the version matrix up to date in the following places: in the Knowledge Centre article, Director Version Matrix and
in Citrix docs.