Sunshine. S’mores. Popsicles. Cookouts. Beaches. Family. Fireworks. Fun.

The appearance of these things can mean only one thing: Independence Day Weekend — the apex of all things “summer” in America — is upon us.

Here in the States, we celebrate July 4 in many ways. There are cookouts — hot dogs and hamburgers and bottomless bowls of potato salad — with family and friends. There are kids laughing and splashing at the pool. There is the sublime scent of sea and salt in the air while happy toes wiggle in the sand at the beach. There are parades and flags and red, white, and blue. There is the fairytale twinkle of fireflies (lightning bugs if you’re so inclined) aglow at dusk. And no matter what, there is an awed chorus of “Ooooooh! Aaaahhhhh! Heeeeyyyyyy!” as colorful explosions of fireworks burst into the sky after the sun has set.

So that our employees in the U.S. can soak up all this summer splendor, Citrix offices here will be closed today and tomorrow. We’ll be back on Wednesday morning — hopefully sunned and sated — and ready to dive back into the future of work.

No matter how you’re marking the 4th, be to enjoy yourself to the fullest and, above all, be safe. Happy 4th, everybody!